Friday, 27 November 2009

Change of pace starts here..

Well today was my last working day with the RHS (even though I've been on holiday for 3 weeks) and was confirmed by the arrival of my final payslip and P45 in the post this morning.

Well, do I feel any different? Not really as I have easily filled my days this week working on the laptop and sorting through various papers, shredding, re-filing etc., tentatively planning my birding for 2010, thinking (just a little) about all those jobs that have been put to one side for far too long and of course I now have time to window watch our garden visitors...what could be better. 

During the past few days we have noticed that the House Sparrows have been 'dust bathing' in the wooden planter on the patio wall containing a Clematis. Now this probably means that it needs watering but then where will the 'Spadgers' go for their daily clean up?

The Blue Tits are a treat to watch, flitting from perch to perch, constantly alert, twisting and turning in every direction before they make their minds up to feed or not as the fancy takes them.
Who's up there?
Anita also watched 6 or 7 Parakeets hanging around the garden feeder pole trying to decide if they could access a small seed feeder. Sorry no pics, I was having a lie in...and not the first one I must admit.

Car battery update: The battery has been on trickle charge for some hours today so tomorrow, weather permitting I will reconect and then check that all the radio electronic settings are correct. Must remember to read and follow the manual instructions rather than hit and hope for the best!

Have a good weekend everyone.  FAB.


  1. Life is just beginning now Frank, jobs, what jobs, you wont have time for that, too many birds to watch and go and seek out elsewhere. Of course this will all commence each day at a more respectable time,{:)

  2. Maybe the sparrows are waiting for a shower from your irrigation ...

    PS - the word verification was "hawkie", very appropriate for your blog!

  3. Congrats and welcome to the life of a retired person...tis'nt difficult to adjust, really, sounds like you got a good handle on it, filing, organizing....and sitting back (when ever YOU want to) and watching nature...yep think you will do well!! ;-)
    Looking forward to all those neat photographic finds that are just waiting for you!!

  4. Hi Frank, good break your gonna be on, Nice to see pics of the House Sparrow, these birds are rapidly disappearing from the cities of my country.

  5. I hope I never have to retire frank. I would not know what to do with myself. Yes, I do have a lot of hobbies, but they would become boring on a regular basis. I need the challenge work gives me.

    I saw a most interesting pice of video footage I thought you migt be interested:

  6. I'm sure you'll find plenty to occupy yourself with now Frank.
    Nice shot of the Sparrow in the first, and the cheeky looking Blue Tit.

    Good luck with the car.

  7. Hi Frank
    Well welcome to the land of please yourself (within reason)and hope you enjoy.I am just coming to the end of my first month as a wrinkley, and so far its been fine as I have caught up on all the decorating and inside jobs.
    Only thing is the weather has curtailed my birding ambitions, but that can only get better. But have been window watching the garden visitors so all is not lost. So hope to see more exciting posts from your neck of the woods. ENJOY.

  8. Contrats Frank. It is nice to have the birds around the house to bring some joy.

  9. No matter how much one enjoys their job, it still must be great to be retired. I wish you all the best mate, find those birds!

  10. I heard that one doesn't retire "from" something, but "to" something...enjoy your new "to".
    Someday I hope to too!

  11. Wilma. Good spot but they may have to wait a while, I've turned it off for the winter. BTW 'hawkie' is a 'Geordie' word for a white faced cow...thanks!

    Monty. You have been a busy boy! Not sure I'm going to rush at getting the paint and brushes out but I guess it's on the list. More fresh air is more important.

    Joan. I didn't plan to retire just this early and may look for something part-time in the Spring if necessary. Have already been 'head-hunted' but declined ftb. I will check out that link.

    Keith. I'm sure I will my friend.

    Roy. Dead right but I may have to get up a bit earlier...I am meant to be The Early Birder!

    Angad. The HS's re-appeared about 5 years ago so we are very pleased to see them most days.

    Tina. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

    Steve B. Cheers. A few Gulls would test my ID skills...but that's another story. BTW Great post you put together, better than most guides.

    Warren. I'll do my best to keep you entertained.

    Susan. Yes, your rigt, it's just another phase in lifes rich pattern.


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