Sunday, 22 November 2009

Home from the Goose Chase!

We have safely returned from our wild and very windy trip to the North Norfolk Coast and as you can see we did eventually mange to catch up with a 'few' Pink-footed Geese at one of their favourite feeding locations.
The weather lived up to the forecast - VERY WINDY but it only rained towards the end of our visit so we could consider ourselves very fortunate compared to other locations in the north of the UK that have suffered severe and extensive flooding. However the conditions last week were not helpful in getting close to very many birds who prefered to hide out of sight or disappear as soon as we got anywhere near them! Despite this we enjoyed daily walks with our four friends at many of my favourite locations followed by some very tasty meals at our hotel plus plenty of cheerful 'banter' between us.
I logged around 86 species during this trip, which was well short of our anticipated target, but it did include some noteable sightings and a few images that I will share with you once I have sorted through the 'dross'! In the meantime I have posted one 'test' image on my other site FABirding so please feel free to take a peek.
I can see that many of you have been busily posting while I have been away and I will catch up with you all as soon as is practically possible.   FAB


  1. ...sounds like you had a great time despite the wind, and what an amazing photo--so many geese! Looking forward to your posts of this trip.

  2. HI Frank,
    Well looks like you enjoyed yourself and got to sight some interesting things. I'm eager to see your pictures. Meanwhile, I guess we can say that you have seen the pink-footed goose :-)

  3. welcome home mate! Look forward to reading about your local wildlife again soon.

  4. Looking forward to your non-dross pictures :D

    BTW I followed the link but got an error message saying that "permision is denied"... ??

  5. Glad to hear you had a lovely trip, Frank, even if the weather and the birds were less than cooperative. Nature always challenges us to appreciate that which we cannot control.

  6. Sounds like a very relaxing and fruitful trip. I look forward to seeing more piccies ... :0)

  7. Hi Kelly. And that was just a fraction of the total flocks flying overhead. Did you try counting them?

    Hi Chris. Magical sight which I never tire of watching. As for other species they were much harder to find never mind photograph!

    Cheers Warren. Looking forward to sorting out a new local patch walk once the weather improves.

    Tricia. Thanks for picking up my error. See you soon.

    Hi Heather. The main challenge was to stand upright & despite the lack of certain species it was good to be back where my birding habit kicked off many years ago.

    Hi Shirl. Still catching up with everyone, including your Fungi but will post a few pics soon.

  8. I'm off to Hungary this weekend to a great big goose festival. I'd love to see a pink footed. Think you could organize one?

    Here are my posts about the Tata Goose Festival from last year, if you are interested:

    Happy birding,

  9. Sounds like you had a good trip Frank, and 86 specis sounds pretty good.Looking forward to the pics when you get them sorted. Welcome back.

  10. I am happy you managed to get a picture of one or two of them Frank. LOL!!

  11. Dale. Based on your previous visits I'm not sure but you will no doubt see lots of White-fronts & the chance of the obvious rarities. Have fun & get some good pics for me please.

  12. Monty. Thanks, I've just about caught up with everyone else & the dentist was gentle this am so now it's time to put a post together.

    Joan. Just a small portion of the total flock but they never landed that close for a good detail shot. Will have to go back in 2010.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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