Friday, 27 November 2009

Battery Recharge!

A frustrating few days this week with intermitent wet weather plus for the second time in two weeks Anita's car failed to start on Wednesday ....flat battery again! So on Thursday I acted as taxi driver to enable Anita and her delightful 'Irish' friend to do the weekly shop on the understanding that I went for a walk while the housekeeping kitty got used up. A quick look at the map suggested that I should be able to find something to look at on Burgh Heath Common.

As I trod quietly over the rain sodden leaf carpet I heard the scolding call of a Jay and then a small party of Long-tailed Tits twittered to one another as they fed in the nearly leafless canopy very high above me. Blue Tit and Blackbird made brief appearances but them apart it was very, very quiet. I eventually stumbled apon the pond where the main inhabitants were Mallards, a few Moorhen and Black-headed Gulls.


Is there room for another one?

An opportunity to try a few in-flight shots of Black-headed Gulls.

Can you pick your face while flying?

Message on the mobile indicates that the girls have returned to the car so just time to snap some fungi before switching back into taxi-driver mode.

P.S. Battery update - Car jump started and taken for a spin round the local roads but for some reason after switching off and locking the car the radio switches itself on! This is obviously the reason behind the flat battery so more investigation required. Just as well I have time on my hands.  FAB


  1. Love the last gull photo! Re the car battery -- have you tried leaving the radio on then turning the car off? ;-) Don't forget to give us an update on the state of the car's satanic possession ...

  2. GM Frank
    Fine post again with lovely pics, yes we all have to do the Taxi bit now and again and as my wife cannot drive I do my fair share.But at least it stacks up the Brownie Points.I agree with your observations on lack of birds, the bad WX has kept them all under cover.Roll on some Frosty mornings and dry days.

  3. Now that's the sensible approach to shopping Frank. Looks like that place has some good potential. I like the scratching gull; what a show off!
    My new book should be able to ID the fungi; but I need more studying. Like the shot though.

    Hope you get Anitas car sorted soon. I'm not much use with them either, so can't suggest anything. lol

  4. Happy shopping! ;) I've been having gloomy weather around my place.. :( Hope to resume clicking in a a few days. Lastly, lovely pics... :)

  5. Hi Frank, it sounds like a mysterious atometric battery, I could tell you this. I love that mushroom, but I'm not very fungs type person. And, you have the great collection of birds.

  6. A man's work is never done.{:)

  7. Thank everyone for dropping by and cheering up what was a gloomy day.

    Monty. Weather set WET for the w/end..blast!

    Wilma. Yes, I think we tried that one. Will start afresh once the battery is FULLY recharged..up will follow.

    Keith. It appears to be a dog walkers paradise & close to major road etc. However, if I have to act as taxi again I'll take another peek.
    Fungi ID - Which book did you get?

    Angad. Thanks for joining the "Early Birders". Hope your weather improves soon so you can add some more FAB shots on your blog.

    Bob. It's definitely mysterious but WE will crack it soon.

    Roy. I'm sure I'll find out as the days go by.

  8. Hi Frank,
    I thought that you were speaking of your battery ;-) Nice post again the black-headed gull gymnastic sequence is very nice!
    Hope your car problem will be solved soon!

  9. Sounds like water in the electrics Frank. That or a poltergeist!!

  10. Great pics Frank, I love the gulls in flight! But also the ones on the tree.

    I know I shouldn't but I had to laugh about the car radio ;)

  11. It just goes to show you. When it all goes funky, there is always time to get a little birding in! The Black-headed gull shots are great.

  12. Cheers Jan. Laugh or cry it will get sorted!

    Chris. My batteries? Well, actually they are still on re-charge but for other reasons! Chance shots with the BHG's and I'm glad there was some decent light during this walk.

    Warren. Poltergeist or more likely an incorrect setting after the RAC called the 1st time. Regretfully car electronics are not the easiest problems to unravel but I'm sure we'll get there soon.

  13. Hi steve. You're dead right...had to do something to clear the brain cells!

  14. Hiya Frank. The book is one of Blacks Nature Guides......Mushrooms & Toadstools of Britain and Europe. Excellent book.


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