Sunday, 1 November 2009

Berry Larder for the Birds.

As a follow up to my previous posts (Hunt for Thrushes & Finches and Autumn Shapes) I promised to share some of the bountiful larder of berries that await visits by our resident and winter migrant birds that will hopefully keep them well fed during the coming months in the gardens at RHS Wisley.
Sorbus terminalis
From Top Right (Clockwise)..Malus x Zumi 'Professor Sprenger', Sorbus species (L946), Sorbus Bellonia, Sorbus Brigitta, Sorbus wardii, and Sorbus Rose Queen. [Please click to enlarge]

Finally the leaves of a Tilia henryana var. subglabra. Imagine the leaf turned upside down and you will see the shape of this beautiful tree. FAB


  1. Lovely colourful Images and great photography.
    Great treat.
    Well done Frank.

  2. Thanks John. Dramatic change in the weather here so no outdoor pursuits today!

  3. Hi Frank, these last three posts contain really amazing images, thanks for posting them.

  4. I think if I was a bird, I'd happily reside around there.
    Beautifully captured Frank.

  5. These are just wonderful Frank. I love all the berries, there's just something about the colors and character of the autumn flora. If we never got to see the aged beauty we may not fully enjoy the spring youth! (haha it's early)
    Thanks Frank. A wonderful post!

  6. I'm glad to see that there is a bountiful crop to keep your winter residents fat and happy during the winter.

  7. Wow, look at all those berry feasts awaiting! They won't go hungry. The Leaf photo is beautiful.

  8. Lovely berries and lovely autumn colors. I love these shots a lot!

  9. Roy. Many thanks. I must be doing something right.

    Keith. I agree & let's hope it pulls in a few more species.

    Eve. Absolutely, well spoken.

    Steve. Anything similar on your side of the world?

    Mona. If we get a large influx of Thrushes they won't last long!

    Chris. Cheers. Glad you liked them.

  10. Very lovely, Frank. I especially like the spiky edges of the leaves on the Tilia.

  11. I can't wait to see what you photograph eating this bounty of berries! Lucky birds! Nice post..

  12. Oh, wow, Frank! Your photos are FAB! I really like the collage of the berries. You certainly do have a store of them. So many different types too for the picky eaters. The photo of the leaves is stunning. The sharp points on the leaves with the soft background is interesting.

  13. What a feast this is!! The birds must all be fat and healthy on this diet. :) Beautiful pictures too Frank.

  14. Hi Frank
    Thanks for the message and best wishes, they are reciprocated to you also.Yes I guess its going to be a new learning curve, but sure we can manage it.
    Just had a look through your blog and its a great format with some really great images, so will be looking forward to forthcomung posts.

  15. Heather. Could you visualise the shape of the tree? I'll have to go back & get a decent pic for you.

    Tina. Yes, the birds should be very grateful for this bounty. I'll do my best in the last few days at work to see if I can capture "someone" feeding.

  16. Hi Kelly. I'm sure there were many more varieties but I didn't have the time to search...maybe next time.

    Thanks Joan. It will be interesting to see which coloured fruits get eaten first.

    Monts. Thanks for the compliments re the 'EB' blog.

  17. Some lovely images Frank. I love the variation in colours and shapes.

  18. Thanks Angie. It's a pity the weather has been so crap here that I have not been able to get back & see if the Thrushes are feeding!


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