Sunday, 8 November 2009

Thanks for an interesting week.

Last Sunday I was directly involved in the secret mission to get Anita to Pennyhill Park Hotel for afternoon tea where her mum, dad, brother and two sisters plus a cousin with their other halves were waiting with a pre-birthday surprise.  As you can guess I was asked a few questions in the preceeding days and hours but had to respond with non commital answers with the exception of when asked what she should wear - not wellies!

As you can see from the above we were spoilt with lots of dainty sandwiches, scones with cream and jam followed by a super selection of cakes  AND plenty of cups of tea while a pianist played in the background. Anita's sister Wendy requested the traditional birthday song and everyone in the Ascot Bar joined in.

Last Thursday, Anita's biggest surprise was the increased number of personal e-mails from in her words "people I don't know". So my special THANKS go to these blogging friends who very kindly assisted me in springing this additional surprise:
Lynne - Hasty Brook The 'Monk' card had Anita in stitches!
Richard - At The Water who posted a very special Blue Jay 'Birthday Wishes' on his blog.
Roy - The Fendlandwalker who enclosed a special Bluebell greetings.
Tricia - Tricia's Tales  who also sent a very special Birthday Card.
Crista - Nature As Is

I have to admit to getting a bit of grief for posting a picture of Anita, without her prior permission, but that was soon forgotten once she read the lovely comments left by so many of my readers and was very much appreciated.

Last Friday was my last day physically on duty at work. It started, as expected, with a brief 'thank you and best wishes' speech from the which I responded without any tears followed by lots of cakes (including the obligatory chocolate selection) in the Tea, but soon to be renamed, 'Cake' Room. Most of my day passed in the usual way but with lots of hand-shakes and hugs. I am now 'on holiday' for three weeks until my contract actually ceases on 27th.
I will miss the many friends I have made over the past 13 years while working at the Wisley Plant Centre but it is now time to move on........a new chapter starts here.   FAB


  1. ...what a beautiful table setting and the little cakes and cookies look yummy! Glad you and Anita were able to celebrate her birthday in such a wonderful way surrounded by family!

    How exciting, Frank. Good luck with the next chapter. I hope it will involves birds and flowers somehow!

  2. Glad to hear Anita had a great day; and a feast of cakes by the looks of things lol

    Enjoy your 'holiday' now, until the official end of contract. I'm sure you will. :)

    I've got the car now, so hopefully we can do a few 'chapters' together in the future.

  3. Hi Kelly. Yes, definitely a memorable day for Anita & her family. I'm sure the future WILL include birds and plants.

    Hi Keith. Just as well I have a sweet tooth...but don't tell the dentist! Glad to hear you have new wheels...will talk very soon.

  4. I'm so glad we helped to make Anita's special day a little brighter. I'm sure she had a delightful birthday tea with all of you. I LOVE all those little finger sandwiches and cookies (the baker and sweets eater in me is drooling over that 3rd photo).
    And now the next chapter starts - how very exciting! As always, I am wishing you the best.

  5. Hi Heather. Once again your help was much appreciated. The cakes were very, very yummy & I regret there are none left! Cheers FAB.


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