Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Robin: How I Grew Up

I have recently been scanning some older "film" photographs taken with an Olympus OM1, and whilst the clarity is not particularly brilliant, I thought I would share this one of a juvenile Robin, taken in the garden 2 years ago. As you can see he is very brown and the whole plumage is finely spotted.
The next two shots show how I look now, sporting my full adult rusty-red bib and master of my domain.


  1. Grown up to be quite handsome!
    Love that cocky look in the last one.

  2. Awww!! He is so cute!! I've never seen a baby Robin before. Great photos!!!

  3. This is really cool. I like the British Robin and hope to photograph them myself someday.

  4. Beautiful shots of this bird! In the last photo - he seems to have a "matter of fact" look to him!

  5. Frank...thank you for posting my favorite European bird! He is adorable...and as a baby, my goodness, is there anything cuter?

  6. Excellent Frank. I love the second shot, the bird has a funny attitude there!

  7. always a favourite, the Robin.
    Now your not telling me they are the same bird !

  8. Aw - he's lovely Frank.. They look so dumpy when they're young!

  9. I love the last shot, it has some superb details.
    My first wildlife shot was with a robin family in our garden, sadly after a few months they disappeared and never came back.

  10. His colors are stunning here. You've captured this fellow to a T.

  11. Oh how sweet and cute. Your Robins are very beautiful, and quite different from ours. I like the "Then and Now" presentation!

  12. Hi everyone & thanks for the comments.

    Keith & Shelly, I think that is the normal 'haughty' look.

    Leedra & Chris. Good choice.

    Ginnymo. Freshly fledged Robins can be very tame. So indeed are the adult birds but they also have a 'sinister' side to their character!

    Steve B. Anytime you are this side of the pond just drop by & he'll pose for you.

    Kelly. Glad to oblige. Anything cuter...Only us when we were very, very tiny?

    Jayne & Lisa. That's why it's called "Robin Redbreast".

    Warren. Same bird, why not? Well it is possible but probably not.

    Tricia. Thanks & just like my baby brothers, ha!

    Andor. Thanks for dropping by & commenting. I do hope that one day Robin will revisit you. We would be lost without them.

    Heather. Our Robin (Erithacus) is much small than your (Turdus) version & in a different family.

  13. Nice closeup. What a sweet face.

  14. Carol. Thanks for commenting. Yes, the Robin is quite an endearing bird.


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