Sunday, 19 April 2009

Weekend Walks 18/04/09

On Saturday we decided to visit Frensham Little Pond. A dip into the wooded area adjoining the car park produced Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps (2 males & 1 female), Wren and Great Tits plus Great Woodpecker calling and Green Woodpecker ‘yaffaling’ some distance away.
Male Blackcap
At the water’s edge several dog owners were allowing their beasts to enter the water despite signs around the pond banning this activity to protect the wildlife. (The owners obviously all need an eye sight test!)

On the water were Great-crested Grebe (2), Coot, Mallard, Mute Swan and a Canada Goose.
We listened to the rhythmic song of several Reed Warblers and the scratchy sounds from a Sedge Warbler but only one very brief sighting of the former dashing across the top of the reeds.
Below is my 2nd pair of eyes scanning the reed beds for any sign of life.
Willow Warblers were singing from their high perches. Quite a few Blue Tits and this individual posed long enough for its portrait.
Out on the heathland, where the Gorse is in full flower we listened in vain for either Dartford Warbler or a Tree Pipit. (Another day perhaps). A female Stonechat hopped from perch to perch ahead of us and a Kestrel was hovering over King’s Ridge. We walked up onto the ridge to scan over towards the Great Pond and picked up 2 Common Buzzards high in the distance. During a brief rest stop we watched three SWALLOWS pass by.

On the way home we stopped off at Bookham Common and were rewarded with a brief glimpse of a LESSER WHITETHROAT confirmed by its distinctive alarm call and then singing from within low scrub. Again Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and Chaffinches were everywhere.
Butterflies seen today were Peacock, Comma, Green Veined White and plenty of Orange Tips, including this female.
We made a diversion via very muddy paths to check out a Bluebell wood nearby.
A few stems are already in flower, but the area above will be a sea of blue in a week or so. Anita spotted this mossy 'beast' lying on the ground - Any suggestions as to what it might be?


  1. What a great Saturday Frank, and pictures too. It looks a superb site to visit

  2. Keith, the only challenge is to pick a time when nobody else is there...never as it's very popular for walkers (& dogs) around the pond. The heathland is extensive so less likely to trip over someone.

  3. I enjoyed your walk. Beautiful photos!! Thanks!!

  4. I very much enjoyed the walk you took. Great photos, and thank you for sharing.

  5. Ginnymo & Montanagirl. I'm glad you both came along. Lol FAB

  6. ...somehow I missed this post, and it's such a nice post too!! Like your collage--the cottage is very pretty and the scenery is so nice. Also like the photo of your "second pair of eyes!"

  7. Kelly. This is the 2nd time I have published 2 posts on the same day and both times the earliest post has got far less 'hits' - lesson to learn I think.
    Anita my "2nd pair of eyes" doesn't usually like being snapped but says Hi.


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