Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sunshine Stroll.

As the sun was shining at long last I decided to make a relatively early start on my local patch and was soon watching a flock of 20 plus Lesser Redpoll actively feeding directly above my head. 

 I never find it easy to photograph pointing directly upwards and this was the best I could do while trying to
 focus on an individual that might show the distinctive red cap.

Although the sun was shining it is still very damp underfoot. Limited activity on the ponds with only Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Grey Heron, Canada Geese plus overflying Cormorant and Parakeet. No sign of the Mandarin or Teal but I suspect they were well hidden away.

 Grey Heron lurking on the pond margin.

Through the woodlands I watched six Nuthatch busily feeding and chasing one another; several pairs of Great Spotted Woodpeckers displaying plus brief sightings of a Goldcrest and various Tits including the Long-tailed. The usual Corvids, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Robin, Wren and Lapwing  were also seen. Hearing a distant but distinctive mewing call helped me to locate a pair of Common Buzzard (another patch first for 2011) perched in trees on the farm fields just before they took flight and headed north-west. Soon after they departed the birds started singing again including the Skylarks.

 Final photo-op was a confiding Blue Tit before heading home for a cuppa and lunch.    FAB.


  1. You must spend hours and hours out there with your camera to get so many excellent shots. Very nice.

  2. Nice to see the Redpoll Frank anyway. Its never easy pointing the camera and long lens upwards. It gets very neck aching after a while.

  3. You always see such a nice variety! Love that last shot.

  4. Hi Lois. The camera is always with me so if an opportunity arises I'll spend some time with the subject and see what it produces.

    Hi Roy. Tell me about it!

    Hi Mona. Not unusual to see 20 to 25 species without really trying!

  5. A very nice walk Frank, lovely to see the sunshine and blue sky!

    I never see Redpolls :( Definitely worth getting a crick in the neck for :)

    Lovely photo of the Blue Tit!

  6. Nice little stroll Fran. I have dozens of Common Red Polls at the feeders at present..they pose nicely almost at your feet!

  7. Hi Jan. The sunshine was much appreciated by me and the wildlife. Large numbers of Redpoll around since pre Xmas so not unusual to bump into a few from time to time. Just a pity they played so high up above!

    Hi Susan. On your feeders ... am I jealous ... you bet I am. A nice clear view for the lens would be great.

  8. Great photos Frank! I've never seen a Redpoll. That heron is beautiful and all the little birds also. We once had a Blue Heron land on the back hill here. I got upstairs quick and took a couple of photos before it flew off. No water near here. Guess it was just tired.

  9. Hi Frank,
    It was good to see the sun again on Saturday and it looks like you made good use of it! A lovely series of shots, I liked the Grey Heron particularly!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  10. Sounds and looks like a glorious stroll. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and beautiful images!

  11. Oh man my neck aches just looking at all those redpoll photos!

  12. Hi Ginny. Yes, you never know what may turn up or for what reason.

    Thanks Harold.

    Hi John. The run of sunshine has been much appreciated and allowed me to crack on with some gardening at long last.

    Hi Julie G. Sunshine and bird song; what could be better.

    Hi Jen. Mine took a little while to recover but worth the effort.

  13. Hi skies, sun shining and your camera...what more could you want? Don't answer that!!
    Spring is often a tease, so we must enjoy these warm spring days.

    A joy to view your images as always.

  14. Hi Cheryl. Sunshine and I'm happy. Yes, I guess we'll have a few sharp frosty nights and foggy morning to contend with.

  15. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. Love your shot of the heron.

  16. Hi Marvin. Thanks for dropping by to share my stroll.

  17. Hi Marvin. Thanks for dropping by to share my stroll.


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