Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recent Park Walk.

Last Thursday Anita and I paid a visit to Richmond Park. Our stroll started at the Isabella Plantation and whilst it is still too early for the amazing array of blooms there were a few Rhodendrons and Camelia in flower with quite a few bees and other flyers collecting the early pollen. The deciduous tree canopy is still very bare but the understory heathers are starting to provide some colour.

Plenty of colour on the pond with the male Mandarin in full breeding plumage.

As we headed over towards Pen Ponds a small group of does (Red Deer) were enjoying a splash about in one of their very muddy wallows.

At the main ponds we noticed many new notices requesting dog owners to keep their charges on leads to protect the wildlife but as you might have guessed we only saw one owner complying! We also watched a group of Crows fighting; constantly pecking at one individual who was stretched out on the ground but I was too far away for any decent photos. Fortunately the bullies eventually gave up and the one being attacked flew away apparently unharmed.

Male Tuftie doing his daily exercises in the sunshine.  FAB.


  1. All of your images are always so good, but that second one today is just incredibly gorgeous! So nice!

  2. Hi Frank ...the Mandarin Duck is like a big flower in bloom beautiful bird!!
    That you are seeing blossoms is great, I am ready for that, but seeing them any time soon is unlikely!! : }

  3. Frank you must post mid evening and I usually check blogs mid evening. I love the Male Tuftie image best. Nice to see all of the deer though. Carol

  4. A lovely visit Frank and it looked like you and Anita picked a nice sunny day to go there. The Mandarin really is a stunning bird and another which I don't see in this area. The photo of it is lovely with all the reflections enhancing its striking looks.

  5. Always a pleasure to see what you're seeing. That Mandarin is so beautiful.

  6. Such a lovely walk. That Mandarin Duck is a real beauty!!! They are extraordinary in every aspect.

  7. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comments but we have been visiting family today.

    Thanks Lois. The Mandarin is a good looking species.

    Hi Grammie. I'll keep posting the colourful blooms to keep your spirits up while you wait for Spring.

    Hi Carol. More often it's late a night (12 pm) like today.

    Hi Jan. Yes a very colourful chap. Midday sun is not always the best time but it worked on this occasion.

    Thanks Mona. I appreciate you keeping a daily eye on me.

    Hi Karen. Definitely an exotic species.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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