Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Garden Colours.

I have been out of sorts for about a week ... can't remember when I last suffered from a winter cold but I'll be glad when if finally disappears. I finally manged to get out for a stroll in the last two days so while I sort through the stored images here are a few recent odds and ends from the garden. 
The wary Reynard made another brief visit.
Narcissus starting the brighten up the bare border.

Scilla siberica (possibly 'Spring Beauty')

Greedy Parakeet wants to know who's watching.

Blue Tit checking if anything is lurking below.

Another delightful find was the reemergence of the short stemmed Leucojum vernum var. Carpathicum

The Hellebores continue to produce more faces every day.  

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Dawn for the invitation to feature The Early Birder as UK blogger of the week on BirdingBlogs.com   FAB. 


  1. The fox and the birds are incredibly beautiful. Oh, and those flowers are so welcome. You are two to three weeks ahead of us for spring blooms. Great images. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Frank, the narcissus, definitely the best. Yellow just brightens my day. Thanks much!!!! And hey, feel better soon! Carol

  3. Lovely photos Frank. I just love that fox and the birds!!!

  4. Hi Lois. Thanks, I am improving day by day. Glad to see you are home safe after your long road trip. I.m sure Spring will be a delight for you when it arrives.

    Thanks Carol. Hopefully there will be more yellow appearing over the coming weeks.

    Hi Ginny. Delighted you can enjoy my backyard criters .

  5. Hi Frank...lovely array of color from your Fox to the Hellebores!!
    Feel better soon!
    Great honor Frank. You deserve that!!

  6. Just such lovely photos of the flowers, Frank! And the Fox is charming. Hope you're feeling better.

  7. I hope you stay on the mend and are feeling better soon. No fun!! I have so much catching up to do. I can't believe I've missed all these gorgeous fox posts. Wow!! What a cutie...the photos in the previous post are incredible. The eyes are amazing...

  8. Congratulations Frank. Well deserved recognition on BirdingBlogs.

  9. A lovely colourful post Frank and a very well deserved award as UK Blogger of the week. Your enthusiasm and great interest in birding and nature always comes across in your posts and are a pleasure to read.

  10. Cracking photos Frank. I'm still very jealous of Reynard.

  11. Wow-O-wow. I love the fox. Everything here looks like spring!

  12. Really sorry you are not feeling well! Beautiful captures here .... that fox is just amazing - and how wonderful to see flowers growing :)

  13. Hope you are feeling much better now Frank!

    Lovely photos again and so nice to see your colourful garden flowers. Yours are definitely ahead of ours.

    It still gives me a surprise to see the parakeets, they haven't reached us yet but I'm sure I would feel I was in a different country if one of those appeared in the garden!

    Lovely to see the Fox again too and also the beautiful photos of it on the last post which I somehow missed.

  14. Hope you make a quick recovery Frank.
    Lovely set of pictures from the garden.

  15. Get well soon Frank,superb looking fox.
    love the R.N.Parakeet.

  16. Frank, so hoping that you feel tiptop soon and winter colds/summer colds, all are awful. So sorry you caught a bug. Your images are so much like what is showing up in out little town where we live as well. Across the big, big pond and yet so many of the same beauties. We call the blue flowers Siberian Squill and our Spring Beauties are pink and white and are very, very tiny~ I love that you still get a visit from the handsome fox~

  17. Hi Grammie. Thanks. Yes, things are just starting to colour up. More sunshine and warmer days would be welcome.

    Hi Mona. Cheers. Still sniffling but I guess it will take its time to disappear.

    Hi Kelly. Can't expect a busy mum to do everything! Glad you enjoyed the eye to eye as much as I did.

    Cheers John. That was one out of blue.

    Thanks Roy. Appreciate your continued support ... I just tell it as I see it.

    Thanks Adam. I'll try not to milk it!

    Hi Lisa. Great to hear from you.

  18. Hi Kerry. Hopefully on the mend now. I guess we are a little ahead of you at the moment.

    Hi Jan. A minor inconveniece, but the sooner it goes the better. I'm sure I read about a sighting of a RR Parakeet in the West Country recently so maybe won't be long before you see OR hear one. Unfortunarely once they find the feeders they bring in all their noisy friends!

    Thanks Keith. Nothing compared to your current concerns.

    JRandSue. Thanks John.

    Hi Mary. As usual these 'bugs' take their time to clear through the system ... a few warm days would help.
    Yes, two names for same flower. It is tiny ... just looks bigger in close-up.

  19. Lovely capture!

    Kah Wai

  20. Hi Frank,
    This is my first visit to your blog, sorry about that! I am very glad that I did though. A very colourful and interesting array of subjects.
    This will not be my last visit, I will return, that`s if you`ll have me!?
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  21. Kah-Wai Lin. Thanks. I'll drop by very soon.

    Cheers Harold.

    Hi John. Thanks for your visit and welcome.


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