Saturday, 12 March 2011

Barnes WWT bathed in sunshine.

Earlier this week (Tuesday) I enjoyed a few hours in the sunshine at WWT Barnes. 
Whilst the centre was alive with school children enjoying various activities including pond dipping the hides were very quiet probably because most of the birds were fairly distant. 

After half an hour in the hide overlooking the waterlogged scrape the only close visitors were a pair of Canada Geese who settled for a few minutes before taking flight.

and a couple of male Tufties.

The view from the Peacock Tower over the grazing marsh was somewhat similar so I headed towards 'Wildside' on the other side of the reserve.

Coot with some damaged feathers strutting across the grass.

Moorhen enjoying a cool drink.

I stopped for a while to capture some of the 'collection' species including Red-crested Pochard, a male White-headed Duck and the Goldeneye with a red head Smew in tow. As I wandered the pathways the striking call of a Cetti's Warbler pierced the air and Goldfinches twittered above my head.

Once again there was very little activity from the furthest hide apart from a couple of Dabchicks (Little Grebe). On my return route there was a small collection of people staring across one of the water channels at the distant reedbed. A search through the bins (I'd decided to leave the scope at home!) and I eventually located the distinctive brown camouflaged outline of a BITTERN well hidden in the reeds. It maintained its station while occasionally preening for some 20 minutes but then decided to move out into the open.

Unfortunately it was really too far for the 70-300 lens and the overhead sun didn't help focussing but I managed a cropped record shot that will have to do for the time being. Within a few moments this elusive species was out of sight .... until another day perhaps.  FAB.


  1. Even from a distance, a bittern is a treat to see. Wonderful birds and photos you got today, Frank.


  2. All of them are lovely. It looks like you had a wonderful day photographing the area and wildlife.

  3. Thanks for taking us along again today. :) Great images.

  4. HI Frank...The tree in bloom is so nice to see!!
    I haven't seen the Pochard in a photo out of water before it is a beauty!!
    The Bittern are very hard to spot the stay so still for so long !!
    There is not a lot of color there makes it even harder to spot!
    Better luck next time!!

  5. Such variety! And that flower photo is exquisite.

  6. It was a great day with all that sun.

    I was there also; sorry to have missed you. Glad you got the Bittern! I dipped.

  7. Looks like you had a great day Frank.

  8. wouldn't mind any sort of Bittern photo if one alighted on my patch frank :-)

  9. Wow what a set of pictures and encounter. Splendid collection Frank... So many of them that I would love to see!

  10. Thanks Wilma. Any view of a Bittern is worthwhile in my book.

    Hi Laura. Thanks for your visit. Any day with some sunshine is good at the moment.

    Hi Lois. Welcome as always.

    Hi Grammie. Yes, its great to see some blossom at last. Hopefully one day one will appear close enough for a portrait session ... I won't hold my breath!

    Hi Tricia. It sure was. I guess my visit was later than you. Hopefully we'll catch up before long.

    Cheers Keith. Sunshine make all the difference.

    We all live in hope Warren that one might appear on our local patch.

  11. Thanks Chris. Hopefully you'll get the chance sometime in the future my friend.

    Thank you Sarah.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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