Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nest Building continues.

Over the past few days our pair of Blue Tits have been very busy builders. For a while the material switched from green moss to brown twigs and dried grasses.
 Interesting to watch how some of the lengthy material was stuffed into the building cavity!

AND now they have reverted again to collecting moss again.

AND just to prove that ones efforts don't always turn out as expected .......
By focusing on the entrance hole to the nest box you never know what you may capture.   FAB.


  1. What a sweet series of home building. And, the last image was quite a nice surprise, too. :)

  2. I love reading about your Blue Tits. And they are absolutely adorable. Seriously. Your photos are fantastic. Can't wait to see if you actually can get a shot of the little ones. Carol

  3. Beautifully colored birds. Fun watching her build her nest. It is a little early for that here yet, but each spring, a Junco builds a nest in my hanging basket on my front porch.

  4. That was a fun series, Frank. the last shot is very 'arty"; I like it quite a bit!


  5. A nest box at this time of year can yield a ton of photos and some surprises.
    Great post!

  6. Gosh, that last one is quite angelic.

  7. Oh, great series Frank! Such a pretty bird, and they work so hard.

  8. Hi Frank ..Isn't that precious to watch. Makes you wonder what there method is to building a nest!!
    What a unusual photo that last one is.. nice!!

  9. Hi Frank lovely series of the Blue Tit, every thing is now starting to move, with a lot of migrants coming through down here.

  10. Fascinating the size of some of the bits birds can carry. I spent a while a couple of days ago watching a Jackdaw take ages finding the balance point before it made off with a long twig

  11. Nice series Frank. I have a pair of House Sparrows building a nest in the corner of my roof but unfortunately the position doesn't lend itself to photos. I look forwards to seeing the young fledge from your box.

  12. It's wonderful to see them building their next home. Excellent photos.

  13. Thanks Lois. Any other time I would have probably deleted it but felt it had a place here.

    Hi Carol. You are too kind. If only all my subjects were this accommodating! Catching the fledglings will certainly need some luck and I'll have to get up early.

    Hi Tammy. They definitely have the 'cute' factor. I do hope your Junco takes up residence again.

    Thanks Wilma. Hopefully some more action over the coming weeks when the feeding begins.

    Cheers Red. Well, it certainly keeping me out of mischief!

    Cheers Comment1.

    Thanks Mona. Makes you wonder were they find all the energy.

    Hi Grammie. When it is all over I'll open up the box and take some pics of the construction method.

    Hi Monty. Yes, heard my first migrant Blackcap today and saw a few Little Gulls.

    Hi M John. One piece of material was over 30 inches long and most of it hung out the hole for hours but the following am it had disappeared.

    Hi Adam. I have Spadgers in the garden every day but haven't yet been able to encourage them to nest here.

    Cheers Bob. I'm spending hours watching them.

  14. Lovely little birds! So great they keep coming back to your nesting box each year! Am looking forward to following you!

  15. Sallie (FullTime-Life)30 March 2011 at 02:13

    I'm loving this blog -- came to the great post above from WBW and came back to scroll around. This is a great series and those blue tits are adorable birds (wish I could see one) but your pictures are fabulous. Thank you

  16. You got some nice ones there, too! I just realized today that our couple of Blue Tit also switched to dry grass. But I didn't have enough light to take photos. - Looking forward to see what your birds are up to :-)

  17. Hi texwisgirl. Appreciate you joining The Early Birders.

    Hi Sallie. Thanks for looking in. They are a very entertaining species and the garden would be poorer without them.

    Hi dreamfalcon. Building seems to have come to an end so hopefully Mrs. will be sitting on eggs very soon.

  18. ...loved this post! Such a sweet bird.

  19. Hi Kelly. Thanks. Now if only the Robin would take up residence in the garden I suspect YOU and I would be doubly happy!!


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