Monday, 9 May 2011

Walking Home via Horton C.P.

I delivered the car for its annual MOT just after 9 am this morning and decided to walk home from Epsom via Horton Country Park. So with only my compact Canon S95 in my pocket I have put together a series of collages showing some of the sights throughout my two and a half hours leisurely homeward stroll.

After leaving the hustle and bustle of tarmac pavements behind I entered the park alongside Horton Park Farm where the noise of vehicles was quickly replaced by the calls of Wren, Blackbird, Goldfinch, Goldcrest and Crows. A few of the farm residents were enjoying the fresh green growth or just rooting around in the earth.
The nearby open pasture was a sea of white and yellow ... masses of Daisies and Buttercups plus the odd Magpie.

While listening to Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Garden Warbler, Great Tit and Robin my eyes turned to search out some of the much smaller critters hiding amongst the lush leafy wasteland close to the pathways including beetles, weevils, Wolf Spiders and plenty of Ladybirds hunting their favourite Aphid food.  

The sun and very recent rain has helped the wild flowers to show off all their varied colours and forms including Red Clover, Vetch, Field Speedwell, Cranesbill and Wild Strawberry. (No doubt the experts will let me know if any of the ID's in this post are incorrect.)

As I skirted the Golf Course the local Whitethroats joined in the late morning sing-song together with a few Greenfinch and Chaffinches. The bright violet-blue of the Ground-Ivy shone out from amongst the verdant green carpet around my feet. I did momentarily consider blowing on the Dandelion globe but there was a sufficient breeze for its seed dispersal to happen naturally ... like the millions of others floating around.

A slight detour took me across the open grass meadow (Lambert's Mead) to Meadow Pond where I disturbed a very disgruntled Coot but not a Grey Heron who surprisingly was totally unfazed when two dogs entered the water for a swim! I didn't find any Damselflies but a very tatty Comma rested in a nearby hedgerow. Leaving the Irises and the sound of metal thrashing that little white ball behind I finally exited via Church Wood to the squawking calls of several Parakeets and cooing Collared Doves. 

P.S. I won't mention what it finally cost me ( 2 new tyres etc) when I collected the car at 6 pm or the fact that I was stopped by the Police on my way home this evening (suggesting I had a wobbly rear wheel!) ... another visit to the service centre may well be on the cards very shortly!!   FAB.


  1. They are not bad pics for a compact, Frank. I wish I had a walk like that on my way home from the garage.

  2. Thanks Mike. The first mile or so was a slog but the bit closer to home was much more relaxing on the feet!

  3. oh, i'm sorry to hear they didn't fix the tire as they should have! i'd have been very peeved!

    but thanks for sharing your walk and all your sights with us. :)

  4. Hi Theresa. A few choice words ran around my mind but at least the Policeman was courteous and helpful.

  5. Frank, the pond is beautiful. That would have been my favorite spot along your walk. And oh, I love the sheep image too. I love sheep. They're so furry looking and look soft and cuddly. Carol

  6. Hi Frank,
    Some excellent shots there! Is that a picture of you putting your best foot forward?! ;)
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  7. Thank you for sharing your walk with us!

  8. HI Frank...I thought of you today when in the garden. I saw some seedling clemantis plants poping up. When I see my Clematis I often think of you...yours are very pretty. Did you ever think you would be remembered by a Clemantis lol!! I plan to move then to a place they can climb.
    Loved your stroll home and enjoyed seeing what you observed along the way!! thanks for sharing !!

  9. Hi Carol. Just a pity the best pond is 'out of bounds' otherwise I could see us sitting on the grass taking in the sights and sounds.

    Hi John. Cheers. There's no fooling you, is there? I'd hate to think how many miles they have covered.

    Hi Mona. Delighted as always for your appreciation.

    Hi Grammie. Well, I made a friend out of a customer some years ago who regularly reminds me that I was to blame for his wife buying lots of Clematis .. lol. I'll post some recent pics very soon just for you.

  10. I enjoyed your 2.5 hour stroll home, Frank. :-)

  11. Well done you Frank... my "walk home from the garage" would be incredibly boring along a main road... And that's some tidy distance.

    Sorry to hear about your "wobble" - hope it gets sorted quickly and cheaply.. expensive things to run these days are cars!

  12. Lovely selection from the walk Frank.

    Just goes to show, that if we 'look', there's a lot to see.

  13. Looks like a nice walk. You have captured the large and the very small, natural and man made.

  14. A very nice walk home from the garage Frank. Did you have to walk all the way back again to collect the car?

    Lovely photos from your compact and you saw quite a variety of flowers, insects etc.

    I haven't seen a Comma yet this year, it's fun looking though :)

  15. That is a nice walk Frank. Lots to see and nice collages as a result, especially the flower one.

  16. You have some beautiful photos here Frank!! Lots of things to see on your walk home!! Those spiders give me the chills..LOL It looks about the same there as it does here. I also got to see a little scenery yesterday on my way home, but from the car window of course.. I love the country. Have a nice day!

  17. Thanks Wilma.

    Hi Trica. It's definitely not going to be cheap but just glad someone spotted the problem.

    Too right Keith.

    Thank you Tammy.

    ShySongbird. No Jan, fortunately we still have a 2nd vehicle so I used Anita's taxi service.
    Yes, it's strange I have only seen 2 or 3 Comma so far .. most unusual for the time of year. The compact got another bashing today!!

    Cheers Roy .. still having difficulty getting good shots of all the white blooms!

    Hi Ginny. Had a similar day today AND a few more of those creepy crawlies!

  18. NIce pictures -- thank you for sharing your lovely walk!! (I hope the beautiful sights and the fresh air and springtime made the bad news from the car place a little easier to bear.) We are doing annual maintenance chores on our little park model (trailer house), car, and boat right now and it is never good news. Plus I think we need to have the computer serviced. Eeek!

  19. Hi Sallie. Interestingly, I did the same walk the following day and the car will not be returned for at leasta week ... what a bummer!
    I still have to check over our camping trailer and restock ready for next month.
    I know someone else that needs a good service .... Blogger!!!!

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