Saturday, 21 May 2011

Still Feeding.

The Blue Tits are still bringing tasty morsels to the youngsters in the box.

I hope you are enjoying a glorious wildlife watching weekend, wherever you are.   FAB.

Breeding Update: We missed the important event!! When we checked the nest box this afternoon it was empty and although one of the parents has been spotted on the feeder there was no indication of where the fledglings are hiding .... probably well away from the inquisitive Magpie and Parakeets.   


  1. Frank, your Blue Tits are so pretty. I love their colors. Great photos.

  2. the look on his face in that 2nd shot is priceless! they're such cute birds!

  3. I bet they'll be glad when they've left the nest, so they can rest a bit.

  4. The Blue Tits are so cute! Guess we don't have them here. I've never seen one. It's raining here, and is predicted to rain all weekend, through Monday night - not to mention it's been raining most the week! Being raised on a farm, which was mainly dryland farming, I NEVER complain about the rain.

  5. I know you have to be quick to get those blueys before they dive in the box Frank. Good shots.

  6. Hi Frank,
    Hopefully in a few days you will hear the patter of tiny wings! Your Blue Tit looks slighly smarter than mine!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  7. Thanks Sarah.

    Thank you Eileen.

    Hi Theresa. Yes, delightful little characters.

    Hi Keith. It now appears that they have fled!

    Hi Mona. Both the farmers and us gardeners could actually do with some rain over here or we will be rationed very soon.

    Cheers Phil. They have tested my trigger finger recently.

    Hi John. Unfortunately we seem to have missed the 'get away'. Probably happened earlier this am when we were elsewhere.

  8. What amazing shots of these beautiful birds!

  9. Love your header and super Blue tit image

  10. Thank you Lady Fi.

    Cheers Anthony.

    Thank you Lois.

  11. Love the Blue Tits, Frank... Such great pictures. I know what you mean about missing the little ones when they fledge. I have 2 families of Bluebirds EVERY year in our nestbox --and I've only seen them leave ONCE. ha

    Thanks again for coming to my blog.

  12. Thanks Betsy. Timing is everything .. I'll have to set my alarm next year!

  13. I guess the worry about trying to feed the scattered youngsters explains the parent's frazzled hair do!

  14. What a beautiful bird, I would love to see one! Wonderful images.

  15. Our little Blue Tits left the nest on Friday May 20. I think we had only three but the parents also brought them lots of yummie food :-)

  16. Hi Hilke. Or the slight breeze from behind .. lol.

    Hi Debbie. Delighted to show you our little bundle of blue.

    Hi dreamfalcon. It would appear that many of these broods were relatively small (min 5) this year...lack of water to produce big juicy caterpillars!

    Thanks very much Modesto.

  17. What a beautiful bird and gorgeous pictures

  18. Thank you very much Cindy.


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