Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Feathers.

Over the past few days the resident House Sparrows have been particularly vocal as the adults have recently brought some youngsters into this world. Most of the time the young ones stay hidden in the Pittosporum or the Lilac and constantly ask to be fed but occasionally one pops out into the open.

As you can see from these images the downy fluff is slowly making way for this youngster's first set of real feathers.

Not sure this is the safest spot to be preening as we know a Sparrowhawk regularly passes over looking for a quick meal!

Time for some sunbathing while it waits to see if will get fed again.   FAB.


  1. How nice to see young ones already. I haven't seen any here yet. A bit too early I think. But my fox pups should be showing themselves soon. I can tell by the way the parents are coming early in the day now. I love the new life that spring brings! Greta photos Frank. Take care.

  2. Beautiful shots Frank. They sure have alot of down or feathers or both. Im not that good with birds so I do enjoy yours.

  3. we have loads of various kinds of sparrows nesting around here, but I have never seen such a young one out and about. Great images! I'll have to keep a sharper eye out.


  4. They're pretty cute. We have lots of them in our backyard.

  5. Hi Ginny. I'm sure it won't be long before you have young life all around you.

    Hi Lisa. Thank you and I enjoy your photography, whatever is in front of your lens.

    Hi Wilma. Yeah, just check out those hidden places for the youngsters calling for food.

    Hi Mona. Yes, it is all getting a bit noisy around the feeders here at the moment .. just hope they all survive their early days.

    Hi Kah-Wai-Lin. Sure is just that.

  6. I Love these, and their fluffy down into first set of feathering, is almost magical~

  7. He don't look old enough to be out on his own lol
    Lovely shots Frank.

  8. I love this time of year when so many young birds make an appearance. Wonderful photos of a downy soft, fluffy little one!

  9. Oh, those pin feathers must itch! We are just getting started with breading season here. No youngsters yet.

  10. So sweet... and so fragile! Lovely captures Frank.

    Lovely Clematis photos on the last post too.

    I hope you enjoyed the wedding :)

  11. How very sweet. I really like your header, too, Frank.

  12. Hi Frank,
    Great pictures, but where has the one in the middle`s head gone?! ;)
    I got a bit over-excited today with the appearance of a pair of House Sparrows in the garden, a rare occurence here!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  13. What a scruff, Frank.{:)

  14. Lovely images of a little bird I am also enjoying at the moment.

  15. Hi Mary. The fluff doesn't last long, does it!

    Hi Keith. Distinct lack of parental care .. lol.

    Thanks Julie. It is a magical time.

    Hi Theresa. And it will quickly grow into another noisy neighbour!

    Plenty of scatching going on Steve,
    Thanks Jan. The wedding went very well and now the lovely couple are enjoying some much needed RandR in Egypt.

    Thanks Lois.

    Hi John. Twitching Spadgers

    Weren't we all at that age Roy!

    Cheers Andrew, Always fun to watch their antics.


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