Friday, 20 May 2011

Garden Watch.

Another day passed yesterday without the return of my 'wheels' so I spent a few more hours in the garden. In between a little bit of  necessary pruning and watering (some of the plants are definitely showing the signs of drought intolerance!) I took up my usual position and watched the comings and goings of the local residents.

Not sure who was keeping tabs on who! ... "Shouldn't you have had a shave by now?"

Mr. Blackbird made a brief appearance to cast his eye over the neighbours garden.

The Robin wonders where all those little noises are coming from!

Someone else was also enjoying the flowers; Astrantia 'Roma' plus the new Clematis  (C. texensis 'Pagoda' and C. Cezanne) and two of her favourite Roses (R. Compassion and R.Gloire De Dijon).

House Sparrow tries to play hide and seek behind one of the feeders .....

..... while one of the Blue Tits brings in another tiny morsel to feed a hungry little belly.   FAB.

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  1. Looks like a lovely day from your chair! Always enjoy seeing your Robin!

  2. sweet pictures! you and your lovely wife too! :)

  3. Love your relaxed style to photography Frank. I guess the chair is too big to take around though when going out lol
    Great close ups of the birds, and the garden is looking very good.

  4. Hi Frank...lovely garden, good place to set and enjoy !!
    You know I would love to have a few days of has been raining her since Saturday, with no stop in site!!
    Your two new clemantis are beauties, esp. like the cream, with the blush!! Must be hard to identify those flowers in sunglasses though!! ; }

  5. A very enjoyable account from your garden Frank and so nice to see the two 'star players' enjoying a leisurely time :)

    Lovely colourful photos!

    Nice to have a little peek inside the nest box on the previous post too.

    I also enjoyed the comings and goings on the post before that which I was sure I had commented on but obviously, somehow, didn't!

  6. Love this series. It's nice just to have some down time and watch the comings and goings in your garden.

  7. Looks as busy in your garden as it is in mine Frank. I cant keep up with the feeders!

  8. Well I love your hiding place a lot... Looks like quite relaxing compare to a hide in lava fields ;-) Got a nice garden and nice pictures of you both. I also enjoyed the birds pictures ;-) Nice post Frank!

  9. So this is you gardening Frank, OK I don't see many beads of perspiration.{:)

  10. Beautiful photos Frank! Even the one of you with your camera. Love the one of your wife peeking through like that.

  11. Looks like a wonderful sight to behold
    : )
    Hopefully your vehicle is back soon!

  12. Great backyard photos!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Yes Shelley, very relaxing.

    Thank you Theresa.

    Cheers Keith. Can't rush about every day. Have a fold up version for the away days .. lol.

    Hi Grammie. I think our garden would gladly swop some of your rain for a bit of sunshine to cheer you up. Reactalight glasses ... she can see out but we can't see in

    Hi Jan. I trust you and hubby are doing much the same. I expect you did comment ... Google just lost them!!

    Thanks Mona. Not quite the surprises that are visiting you at the moment.

    Hi Warren. If only the Parakeets would find somewhere for their breakfast, dinner and tea!!

    Thanks very much Chris.

    Everyone is entitled to a tea break now and again Roy.

    Thanks Ginny.

    Hi Sarah. Yes, it is back at last and a big dent in the wallet!

    Thanks Gary.

  14. Those are all lovely shots. It looks like my favorite kind of, birds, and a camera. Enjoy the weekend!

  15. Thanks for your visit Michelle ... more of the same over the weekend.

  16. Hi Frank, Great pictures --including your collages. Is that your sweetheart in that second collage????

    We have the purple clematis. We inherited an ugly telephone pole in our front yard ---so the clematis does what it can to climb up the attachment wires --and hide some of that thing!!! ha

    Have a nice weekend.

  17. Hi Betsy. Yes guessed correctly .. Anita, my better half, doesn't usually allow me to catch her unawares! Clematis scrabling through Ivy (which needs to be kept under control) is a good way to disguise anything unsightly.
    Hope you have a great weekend. FAB.


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