Friday, 27 May 2011

Common Blue.

Over the past three weeks I have seen plenty of Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) flitting about with the males chasing each other from their respective territories.  
Windy conditions are the worst scenario for attempting to capture these delightful flutters but on one occasion earlier this month a male (above) sat long enough for me to use the 70-300 zoom from a reasonable distance without disturbing the subject.

During another visit to the same location two weeks later with just a gentle breeze I was able to get far closer, sometimes within inches, and as I don't currently own a macro lens I used my compact Canon S95 to obtain these images.

This mating pair were otherwise engaged and totally oblivious to my close approach!

If all wildlife was this cooperative then close up photography would be far less stressful for both the watcher and the quarry.  So do I still hanker after a macro lens for the DSLR .... silly question!     FAB.


  1. :)

    that must be the same butterfly that Bob Bushell posted today. they sure are beauties!

    my 70-300 mm lens has a macro setting so i'm able to use that when i need to! yippee!

  2. Hi Theresa. Yes, it is. I also have a close-up setting but it is still a compromise.

  3. Wonderful shots, Frank. I do not have a true macro lens either (yet) so I do the same thing. I pull out my point and shoot.

  4. Hi Frank...absolutely gorgeous ...I just love this one you all have over there, so blue!!
    I hope this comment works ....blogger "Googleville" comment is have problems..I think some of the goo goo's goofed up something!! haha

  5. Super work on these photos. Very enjoyable.

  6. Gorgeous pictures, Frank. That Blue is gorgeous... Glad you got to film their 'private' moment. Wow--that's incredible.

  7. These shots are just exquisite!

  8. Hi Frank
    Great shots I like them all, and a true Macro is not always needed as you have shown.Believe me a macro opens up a whole new new set of problems with lighting and limited DOF,May be thats why I'm stressed.

  9. Excellent Frank and so lucky to have them still enough for pictures.

    And yes.... of course you need/want a macro lens!! :D

  10. There seems to be a war, but, a good war. Yes, they are everywhere, pretty butterflies.

  11. Lovely shots Frank. It's been a good start for the butterflies this year.

  12. These are so beautiful Frank. The top one was what I first saw to awaken my morning, just brilliant~

  13. ...when they open their wings, they reveal the lovelies shad of blue...beautiful.

  14. Really beautiful photos Frank! Judging by these, you don't need a macro lens but... I can quite understand you wanting one ;)

  15. A cracking set of shots there Frank.

  16. Nice photos Frank! I saw a couple blues yesterday but couldn't get a good shot; butterflies aren't in full swing here yet. Thanks for the blog header advice, I'll check it out.

  17. Cheers Steve. The compact certainly has its uses.

    Hi Grammie. Ta very much.
    No problems with your comments although I believe 'Google' still has an outstanding issue to resolve.

    Hi Red. Thanks very much.

    Hi Betsy. Fortunate that I was in the right place at the right time to monitor their performance!

    Thank you Mona.

    Hi Monty. Yeah, the added issues of macro DOF are still making me think a bit more.

    Cheers Tricia. With the recent unplanned car repair cost the new lens may have to wait a while.

    Thanks Bob, it's time for a truce.

    Hi Keith. It certainly has although I'm still waiting to catch up with some species.

    Delighted to brighten your day with a bit of blue Mary.

    Hi Kelly. Was hoping to find some other blue varieties ... another day perhaps.

    Hi Jan. You might just be right .. providing everything sat that still in future and it will save me a few pennies!

    Cheers John.

  18. Excellent set of images Frank.

    I got a Canon 100mm L IS USM Macro a couple of months ago, it's a great lens but I'm still trying to get to grips with the dof.Lol. I guess it's all part of the fun though! :)

  19. Thanks Jann E. Hope you get your header sorted.

    Cheers Trevor. That was the one I had my eyes on but may hold off spending for a little while.

  20. Great photos Frank. I've yet to see any Common Blues myself this year but I hope I do as they are lovely butterflies.

  21. A super lovely blue color on this one!! Just grand~glorious!!

  22. Cheers Adam. I'm sure you will catch up with one or two very soon ... there are plenty around this year.

    Thanks Cindy. Just one of a number of blue varities ... all I have to do now is find the others!


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