Friday, 9 April 2010

Visit To Barnes WWT (Part 1)

With the sun shining again Anita and I took a trip up to WWT Barnes. The car park was pretty full and not unexpectedly the place was full of mummies with their little ones in tow making more noise than a henhouse full of chickens! Despite all this we managed to get around quite easily and see most of what was on offer. 
Heron sculpture.
A 'real' Grey Heron.
Two gorgeous Little Grebes in full finery.
One of many male Tufted Ducks
A Cormorant gracefully swims by.
One of the many Mallard chicks providing the 'Oh Ahh' factor around the reserve.

Additions to my year list were watching the 20+ Sand Martins as they dashed in and out of the pipes on the sand martin bank, a single Little Ringed Plover washing and preening on the wader scrape plus a Reed Warbler, replendent in its warm brown garb with red-brown rump, flitting through a hedgerow and ocassionally attempting its jittery song. In addition to all the usual ducks, geese, grebes, gulls etc. there were a handful of Redshank, but we failed to find the Whimbrel. Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler were heard and seen and at least 4 Cetti's Warblers called out to us but as usual were not willing to show themselves. We also spent some time watching and photographing some of the captive species but I'll keep these for another day.  Have a good wildlife weekend.  FAB. 


  1. That's a very nice outing! I especially like the little mallard (awwwww) and love the sculpture!

  2. Mallard ducklings already Frank. I like the shot of the Dabchicks, I can never get a decent one in summer plumage.

  3. HI Frank,
    Nice walk you got. I give you anything for the little grebe. I've never seen this bird and would love to get pictures of it like yours!! Beautiful!

  4. Bet that was fun! Love that little chick.

  5. Sounds like a good place to visit Frank; plenty to see.
    Still waiting to see my first Reed Warbler of the year.

  6. Thats quite an early Reed Warbler Frank, and those Grebes look stunning.

  7. Susan. The little ducklings were certainly the main attraction for the young vistors and some older ones. BTW the sculpture was made out of supermarket trollies..very clever.

    Roy. The Dabchicks actually dived closer but always surfaced with their rear ends showing!

    Chris. I'll trade a Harequin for a Little Grebe.

    Moana. Anywhere watching wildlife is fun, especially new life.

    Keith. Good location all year round.

    Warren. You could be right, I'll have to check out my usual location for RW's this week and see if they are in yet.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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