Sunday, 4 April 2010

No Heads!!

I thought I would post these images for a bit of fun while I sort through the others taken recently.
Both species were preening and seen a few days ago in the park and I'm sure you can guess who they are!
This one should be easy...

The feet should give the game away!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend....FAB.


  1. Hope you got a nice week-end too Frank, and I LOOOOOOve this post... Very funny and very original!

  2. Nice shots Frank. Undisturbed waterbirds do spend considerable time preening. These are shots I can seldom get in my area.

    You have some great places to shoot where the birds are accustomed to humans. This isn't the situation in my neck of the woods where waterfowl is hunted and is quite wary of people.

  3. Love your pics! The first no head one is especially mind boggling!

  4. Haha! They do appear to be headless! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  5. Hi Chris. Just a bit of fun!

    Hi Coy. Like you and many others I prefer to watch wildlife in their 'natural' habitats well away from public interference but the park does provide the opportunity to get mech easier photos.

    Hi Squirrel. Welcome to the 'Early Birder' blog. Yes, amazing how versatile the Heron's neck is!

    Hi Kelly. I thought that would make you chuckle.

  6. Great fun, Frank

  7. Frank these are great shots. Made me smile.

  8. Thanks Roy, Andy & Mona.

  9. That first shot is just sooo funny! Never saw a heron look quite that messy - haha. I'm glad you posted these - fun!

  10. Great shots Frank, still cold here but warming up tomorrow and drier on Wednesday.

  11. Lovely shots Frank,headless Heron what next.

  12. Bad Girl. He was working hard to tidy himself up, but the wind kept interfering!

    Monty. Good news on the weather front..about time.

    JRandSue. How about a headless Chicken!!


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