Monday, 5 April 2010

Bushy Park (Part 2)

A few more images from our brief forray into Bushy Park last week.
Magpie, that didn't fly away!
A male Tufted Duck.
It is not unusual to find the ocassional hybrid due to interbreeding. Here is a Tufted x Pochard.
A Tufties body but note the red eyes, lighter bill and distinctive hair cut from a Pochard
This was the smallest duck on the pond and I have to admit to not being sure of it origin. Any suggestions?
(Now confirmed by Simon, Bill and Mona  as a female Wigeon...thanks guys.)

Finally, an Egyptian Goose checking its reflection in the mirror.

Somehow I have sustained a minor lower back injury so my birding plans for the coming week may have to be amended, but with the promise of some good weather I am keen to get out and watch some wildlife in its natural surroundings again. FAB.


  1. i thought it was a Wigeon until you said it was the smallest duck on the pond.

  2. Some lovely shots there. I am not fond of the magpie but they are handsome birds.

    I also have a bad back....too much gardening....lifting heavy bags of compost. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

  3. That Tufted x Pochard looks amazing with that 'hair style'.
    No idea what the small one is though.

  4. Nice pictures Frank. I've to say that the Punky tufted x pochard has made me laugh a lot!!! I love the Egyptian goose too. So you got a nice birding day it seems. Let's hope spring is really coming now!!

  5. Love the hybrid tufty Frank.

  6. I looked in my birdbook - thought the one you were wondering about is a Widgeon, but not sure. Nice photos!

  7. Simon's right. That small duck is a female Wigeon. Shes been on the lake now for at least a year... great little character! Get well soon.


  8. Wow, that cross bread duck it has a real fassion statement!

  9. Great images Frank, Like the Magpie and the Egyptian Goose very nice

  10. Simon. I've had confirmation from Bill (a regular to the park) that your ID is correct even though she looked small.

    Cheryl. The colourful Magpie is very underrated. The back is on the mend slowly. Take care with all that heavy lifting.

    Keith. Definitely a 'punky' style!

    Chris. The sun is now shining so everyt chance now for something new.

    Tony C. Me too. I'm sure most people wouldn't give it a second glance.

    Mona. Thanks. You are correct.

    Bill D. Thanks for the ID help...I should have known but her size compared to other stumped me!

    Steve B. Sure is.

    Monty. Cheers. It was nice to get close to a few species for once.

    The back pain is easing so I'm going out for a short walk th excercise the muscles..FAB.

  11. some lovely pictures, hope your back repairs itself soon for you

  12. Hope you feel better soon! Love the 'do on the hybrid. Very nice photos FAB.

  13. Phil and Mandy. Thanks, it's getting better.

    Jann. A slow, long walk has done it some good today.


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