Monday, 12 April 2010

Barnes WWT (Part 2)

To keep thing ticking over here are some images taken of a few captive species seen during our recent stroll around the Wildlife and Wetlands Centre at Barnes. Another chance to get close to a few species that I have only seen from a distance in the wild.
Red breasted Goose.
(I would love to see a large flock of these beauties in the wild sometime.)
Barnacle Geese
A pair of friendly faces that came to check us over.
I wish I could still whistle as well as this White-faced Whistling Duck and before you ask I haven't ever seen this one in the wild.
Tomorrow morning I will be strolling around the grounds of a National Trust property in preparation for a guided walk next month so hoping to hear and see a few interesting species.  FAB.


  1. Love them all, wish we had such colorful characters near by...I need to get further in toward waterlands for some photography too~ What a marvelous time you all must enjoy!

  2. Beautiful Post Frank!! I have never seen a goose that color beautiful. Plus your post on the Grey Heron is supurb. We have allot of Blues here have never seen a Grey. I will have to check my bird book to see if they live in the area :)

  3. Wow! These geese are just too cool!

  4. Such striking ducks, and super nice photos!

  5. what beautiful creatures!
    wonderful photos : )

  6. Hi Frank,
    The red-breasted goose is beautiful! One had arrived in Iceland few years ago and I had missed it for few hours :-( I hope one is gonna loose its way around here again, but I'm sure this is not gonna happen...
    barnacle man, they are arriving by flocks now around the country.. I even saw the first golden plover yesterday right in Reykjavik!!!
    Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. Nice series! So colorful. Can't wait to see what you "see" on your walk at the National Trust property!

  8. Fantastic collection Frank,the Red Breasted Goose is Magic.

  9. Mary HC. Yes, a great location to see both wild and captive species.

    Crista. Blue's on your side of the Atlantic and Grey's on this side.

    Steve B. Cheers, they are different to what I see normally.

    Jann. Thanks. Would be awesome if they were native species.

    Sarah. They sure are. Thanks for stopping by again.

    Chris. Wild RBg is a rarity here also but you never know what the winds may blow into Iceland. Flocks of Barnacles..lucky you.

    Mona. Thanks. The walk produced 33 species logged but very few photos this time. Will post update soon.

  10. You take some of the little beauties, nice place to photograph these geese.

  11. JRandSue. Thanks. The RBG is a stunning colour.

    Bob. Makes a change from peering through branches etc. Lol.


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