Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Local Walk.

The mid morning sky was overcast so I decided on a local stroll from home and headed off towards Horton Country Park. As expected Castle Woods produced the majority of my patch sightings:-
Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits; Wren, Robin, Chaffinch, Nuthatch (heard), Crow, Magpie, Parakeets, Woodpigeon, Great Spotted Woodpeckers calling and drumming, Jay and Treecreeper.
After an hour the first of the light showers appeared and continued for most of my time outdoors so the camera stayed inside its bag. At the Golf Course I added the usual Mallard and Coot on the pond. Dunnock and Song Thrush both singing heartily from nearby shrubbery. Close to Four Acre Wood I had my first glimpse of a male Blackcap skulking through the brambles. 
Two friendly horse riders also enjoying the fresh air quietly trotted by just as I heard the first of several Chiffchaff singing around the park. A little further on during an increase in the precipitaion I watch another two male Blackcaps arguing about territory rights.  Several Green Woodpeckers were heard 'laughing' throughout my stroll but never seen.
Blossom errupting all around the park certainly brightened up the otherwise dreary outlook. The back held up reasonably well but I was glad to get back home for a cuppa.  FAB.


  1. The rain was forecast to be light and showery - it was just one big long shower here! You stayed out in it longer than I did though.

  2. Miserable rain. I think I know who those Woodpeckers were laughing at Frank.{:)

  3. Sorry to hear about your back Frank. Hope you get better soon. The blossom shot is lovely.

  4. Warren. Typical, I've just been told off for NOT checking the forecast!

    Roy. One day I'll have the last laugh...maybe!

    Angie. Hopefully on the mend, but taking longer than expected.

  5. Glad your back held up.....where would we be without a cup to tea....

    I love to hear the green woodpecker, it always makes me smile.

  6. Good exercise for the back Frank; and enjoyable too.
    Love the song of the Blackcap.

  7. It wasn't rajning until 12pm, so I did something photographing. I really love that blossom.

  8. Hi Frank,
    You got a nice walk mate... That for sure was enjoyable! Here the weather is very strange but typical from iceland. It was winter this mornig and spring, almost summer in the afternoon and evening ;-)

  9. Lovely photos. The blossoms are really pretty.

  10. ...spring freshness. I also love the photo of the horse. I encounter them every now and then on the Little Miami trail. I love listening to the thud as their hooves strike the earth as as they walk by--or the clip clop if they are on the pavement. (Hope your back improves. I used to have a lot of back pain. It's why I became a yoga teacher.)

  11. Cheryl. Tea, the ulimate refresher.

    Keith. Been listening to the Blackcaps again today..glorious.

    Bob. The sunshine certainly provides better opportunities for the camera.

    Chris. I'm not sure how you cope with all those changes in one day!

    Mona. The blossom adds a sparkle to the terrain.

  12. Hi Kelly. I was surprised how quiet these two horses were and far better behaved than most of the dogs I encounter. I think it's a little late in the day for me and yoga!!


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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