Saturday, 24 April 2010

Local Patch this Week.

To round off this week here are a few images of some wildlife I have encountered during my regular walks around Epsom and Ashstead Common.
The lonesome Canada Goose.
Wood Nuthatch (Sitta europaea). The trees were alive with their calls this week.
Grey Squirrel getting ready to disappear.
Treecreeper hunting for a tiny morsel.
Male Manadarin Ducks thinking about departing.
Showing me his best side!
Bluebells are just beginning to appear.
New and unexpected addition to patch list today was this very chirpy Linnet (Carduelis cannabina).
Posed briefly before moving to another distant tree.
Buterflies included Peacock, Brimstone and the Speckled Wood (above) that briefly stopped for a warm up in the sunshine.   FAB.


  1. These are all nice, but really like the last Mandarin duck photo. Great series: love seeing what you see.

  2. Not a bad week overall then Frank. keep up the patch watching!

  3. Wish I could get a Linnet at my local :)
    Great to see more and more butterflies on the wing.

  4. OK, don't think this is strange, but I've never seen mandarin ducks up in trees. So cool. Thanks for posting those. Carol

  5. Hi Frank,
    I love all these images, but I've to say that the two tree creepers are too beautiful!! and two in the same time, man, you got it well ;-) Beautiful squirrel pictures too!

  6. Those mandarin ducks are something else! All your photos today are beautiful. ~ks

  7. The squirrel turning around and the magnificient Mandarin Duck in pose on the tree are SUBLIME PHOTOS......
    Catching the right instant..soo difficult and taken here just perfect!!!!
    Sunny Sunday, Frank!
    ciao ciao elvira

  8. I also write on our naturalist's blog . We started our spring bird walks today and I have posted on the trip. It's like your daily trips.Check

  9. You are getting closer to that Treecreeper Frank.

  10. Mona. Thanks. Justa sample of the wildlife around us.

    Warren. I'll do my best.

    Keith. Next few months should be fun hunting down the flutters.

    Carol. Mandarin, like the Wood Duck nest in trees so this sighting is not uncommon.

    Chris. It was ONE Treecreeper on TWO different trees!

    ksdoolittle. Yes Karen they are rather exotic looking.

    Elvira. Thanks very much. Just gardenining and chilling out this weekend!

    Red. I checked the link and left a comment. Cheers.

    Roy. But still not close enough!!

  11. These look like wonderful places to go.

  12. Steve B. Just a local common with a large pond, mixed woodland and plenty of small trails to explore.


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