Thursday, 15 April 2010

Garden Mid April.

This was the Prunus blossom just over a week ago and now the winds have dispearsed most of the petals.
Narcissus continue to provide colour but it won't be long before I'll need to start dead-heading.
Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl' opens in the sunshine to show off its golden heart.
A Tulipa (clusiana specie) displays its firey colour. 
The first of the tall pink Tulips have started to open.
Fresh vibrant growth on a Spirea.
The Leucojums have put on a stunning display this spring as the clumps continue to expand; the Hellebores and their seedlings have started to encroach across the path; there is fresh growth on a Euphorbia and an 'unknown' Muscari (the label has deteriorated) shows of its colour in a pot.
The frog and rabbit are slowly being enveloped by new emerging growth beneath the birch.
Our Blue Tit keeps me company and a wary eye out for intruders in the garden.
So it will be another year before this blossom reappears but hopefully other surprises will take it's place as the season develops.  FAB.


  1. The flower photo's are lovely....What a shame it is that they go by so quickly especially the flowering trees.... they are my favorite!!

  2. Gorgeous garden!! Every blossom looks perfect. Kudos to the gardener!

  3. Great pictures. Wonderful to see the flowers. Here in Central Alberta, we can't even brag about a dandelion bloom yet.

  4. Your garden is looking spectacular Frank. A shame the blossom never seems to last long though.

  5. Everything is so advanced in your garden. My daffodils have just flowers and the tulips still have a long way to go. Still, the pleasure is eargerly awaited!

  6. Beautiful flowers.
    Note to self - do the gardening...

  7. Love the flower collages Frank, really nice.

  8. Hi Frank,
    Wow your garden is blooming!! What a chance, but be careful, some people are blowing ash in your direction, euh I meant some volcano ;-)

  9. lovely blooms : )
    you must have a wonderful yard!

  10. grammie g. Just wish I had room for more flowering trees.

    Hilke. The gardener has been very lazy, he just let everthing do their own thing apart from a bit of tidying up now and again!

    Red. Glad you like them. Sorry you are having to wait a little longer for your blooms to appear.

    Keith. There are a lot of gaps that need filling with something. Brief but enjoyed all the same.

    Emma. We can enjoy your delights a little later when mine are over.

    Razboynik. Andy it's a difficult balance between house chores, the garden and birding...but guess what always wins.

    Roy. Thank you very much.

    Chris. Does that mean I'll have to clean the dust off the flowers as well as the car?

    Sarah Knight. Thanks. It's quite small but has been left to mature and do it's own thing.

  11. Beautiful blooms in your garden. I love your tulips....not a favourite plant of mine but yours are delightful.

    Love your photographs......

  12. What a great profusion of colour Frank! I really like the look of that Euphorbia! Do you know which one it is?

  13. Hi Jenny. Sorry for the delay in responding. I think it is Euphorbia Purpurea (Rubra).

  14. ....oh, not to forget....: Your wonderful garden is very inspiring....BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    (The winter snow; the unusual freezing temperatures here in Tuscany did harm many of our delicate plants; but I'll try to save as many I can!)
    ciao ciao elvira


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