Saturday, 19 December 2009

Today's Foray!

After a brief local shopping excursion with A to purchase some card making supplies I honoured a promise to collect some foliage for a small display she wants to create. So, well wrapped up, we headed off on a stroll around the local patch.

As you can see there is still a bit of snow around but nothing like our friends are experiencing in the eastern counties.

Horses in their overcoats happily grazing in the paddocks.

We collected the necessary greenery and a few berries with a Great Spotted Woodpecker tap, tap, tapping overhead, and then headed for the warmth of home. Not a lot of avian activity (it was mid-afternoon) but we did see Magpies, Carrion Crows, Blackbird and a Fieldfare on the open fields. A small flock of 15 Lapwings flew over plus a number of Black-headed Gulls were circling around. Flitting through the hedgerows were Great Tits, Blue Tits and a Robin.

As we approached the bottom of the baren field a Grey Heron was disturbed by the constant squawking of Parakeets and promptly flew away through the woodlands before we could get really close.

Activity in and around the garden feeders has been very frenetic today with Wood Pigeons, Collared Doves, Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Greenfinches, Blue Tits, Great Tits, a single Coal Tit, Robin, Dunnock and last but not least the daily presence of a number of very greedy Rose-ringed Parakeets.

Have a good weekend everyone, wherever you are.  FAB


  1. You have a good weekend too.
    Will you share a photo of the display Anita created with the greens and berries?

  2. That is very light snow there Frank. People have been sending me pictures of snowfalls in places where they have not had any for years and here I sit with the aircon on trying to cool down. :)

  3. Lovely shots Frank really like the Parakeet very well caught.

  4. I would love a Parakeet on my backyard feeder but not much chance of that. We are just having a snow flurry ...I doubt it will cover the ground unless the flakes get a lot larger .

  5. Nice to see more pics of you local area frank. I'm already looking forward to your Wheatear and whinchat photo's from that paddock this spring!

  6. Nice photos - I still find it really bizarre that Parakeets visit back garden feeders!

  7. The snow looks very nice in pictures; but I hope it soon goes lol
    The Parakeets look so surreal hanging on a feeder. Not something you'd expect to see in this country. They haven't made it here; yet.

  8. Love the horses with their blankets on for added warmth. Near our home, there are fields with many such beauties~ Thank you for sharing~

  9. Hi Lynne. I might & I may even reveal who was actually the creator in the end!

    Hi Joan. We are still waiting for the 'real' snow to arrive!!

    Hi Monty. Have a few more of this indivudual up my sleeve for a rainy day.

    Hi Trevor. One or two are ok but watch out when the whole squadron descends and eats you out of house and home!

    Hi Warren. Will they send me an e-mail so I know where they are! LOL

    Hi sharon. Not unusual around here.

    Hi Keith. Come on we want to make a snowman! They will in time.

  10. Nice photos. Yes, do share a photo of the greenery creation when it's done!

  11. Hi Frank...Thought I'd stop by and do some catching up myself. Love the Parakeet image. But, Frank,...your Red Deer captures in your last post are awesome! Wonderful captures of such majestic creatures! Hope you and Anita are happy and keeping warm! Thanks again for your visit to Damsels and Dragons!

    P.S....nice to see your dragons on the side bar!

  12. Beautiful pictures - love those walks/drives in the snow. I too would love to have a parakeet in my yard - too cold and snowy.

  13. Hi Mona. I'll see what I can arrange, just for you.

    spookydragonfly. Thanks for the visit Kim and the lovely comments. Just returned from a get together with A's family...temps hovering around freezing but no more snow...yet! You've just reminded me, I need to add some 'flutters' to the sidebar as well.
    Stay well my friend. Best wishes.

    Bill S. I'd really prefer a visit from that would be cool.

  14. Wonderful photos and I love those rose-ringed parakeets.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  15. Hi Tina. Hope to post some more of the 'Green' machines soon.

  16. Wow, parakeets! Very pretty bird...enjoyed your post, birds and scenery. Our 5" of snowfall is slowly melting but more is coming this week. We really have six solid months of winter here in W South Dakota, US. Every year it gets harder! We've only been here 5 yrs now. Winter shots can be lovely but...

  17. Hi Frank!
    I was just at Warren's site and saw all the snow he posted on his blog. I mentioned that I stepped away from the blogosphere for five days and missed so much with the snow. I loved your deer photos with the snow falling all around, and today's photos are beauteous too! I have a question about the Rose-ringed Parakeets. Are they native to England? They are so tropical looking...

  18. Hi Jann. Yes, definitely the most exotic species to grace our feeders. I haven't experienced the 'proper' winters that I remember as a youngster for many, many years but who knows how the climate will change.
    Winter for 6 the heck do you cope?

  19. Hi Kelly. The eastern counties still have snow but here it's just cold after the recent melt.

    The Parakeets are an intoduced species and native to Northern & West Africa plus S. Asia. When I get some clearer pics I'll do a post for you..hows that?

    P.S. Anita says Hi & loved the Eagle post (me too). FAB


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