Wednesday 30 December 2009

Ice Walkers (Part 1)

During my recent visit to the park with most of the water frozen it was interesting to see how different species cope with these conditions. The first in this series is the Coot who has no difficulty in walking on the ice.

Those large lobed feet are definitely better than snow shoes.

Once out of the water I noticed that it often stood on its own toes!

The second shoreline visitor was a Moorhen.

So easy to tell these species apart just by their feet.

I have some more species who were not quite so comfortable 'walking on ice' to show you soon.  FAB


  1. Hi Frank, These are wonderful coot shots. Thanks for braving the cold to show us.

  2. Great foot shots. I've been trying for a couple of years to get them and still haven't been successful.

  3. GM Frank that image of the moorhen is a real cracker so crisp with evey detail,no thick ice down here yet but it supposed to get much colder over the weekend H.N.Y.

  4. They're really great pictures. Well done Frank.

  5. Steve B. Cheers my friend. Not as cold as you are going to get I suspect!

    Richard. Have to thank a young lady for throwing out some feed and bringing them close enough.

    Monty. Thanks & HNY to you and the family. Still very damp here but may have some better weather over the weekend.

    Bob. Thanks. Your Corvid pics are pretty cool.

  6. Super images Frank. Nature certainly knew how to design things.

  7. Cool Coot! I've never heard of one or saw one. What a beauty.

  8. Great Moorhen shots Frank,i agree with Monty.

  9. I had never seen a coot on ice. Very nice and interesting post ;)

  10. Cracking shots Frank.
    Those feet on a Coot look so unreal. Perfect weapons for them though lol

    All the best to you and Anita for the New Year mate.

  11. Incredible...the Coot's interesting and they almost seem not to "fit" this wonderful bird...; but looking at him how it walks so "temperamentfully" over the ice......they are absolutely perfect..!
    Beautiful Pictures!
    I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR , Frank!

  12. ...they look like they were made for the ice. The Coot's feet are so interesting to look at--nice to know they serve them well in all kinds of weather!

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year, Frank!!

  13. Happy New Year, Frank!

  14. Great set of shots Frank. Those Coot feet are amazing! Nice comparison with the Moorhen's. Looking forward to the others now! (-: Happy birding New Year to you.

  15. Magnificent photos. I hope the Coot remembers to start moving with the foot which is on top ;)

    Very best wishes for 2010.

  16. Roy. Certainly did.

    Lisa. Well now you have!

    JRandSue. HNY to you both. No doubt you'll get the year off to a good start on Jan 1st.

    Dominic. Thank you. I'll drop by your blog for a longer read very soon.

    Keith. Quite ungainly when exposed!

    Elvira. Built for a purpose. HNY.

    Kelly. I agree. HNY to you & the family.

    Steve B. Cheers to you as well.

    Jenny. Thank you. Mallard up next.
    Happy Birding to you & the OH.

    John. Could so easily come a cropper! HNY to you.

  17. The feet on those birds are really interesting.I can imagine that they would work well for walking on ice. Perhaps one of the shoe fashion houses should try to incorporate the ideas for their winter footwear designs.

  18. Larry. Now that's an excellent suggestion.

  19. Those are some funky feet! Not to mention odd looking birds! You got some very nice shots.

  20. Cool photos of the Coot feet and the Moorhen. I think the coot feet are so weird but neat looking. I've never seen a Moorhen. Your shot is a great.

  21. Hi Sharon. Funky...very good description LOL.


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