Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Swanning Around!

You guessed correctly....I haven't done much so far this week apart from spending numerous hours reloading A's mini laptop from scratch as it had become very fact as I type this it is still slowly downloading various updates. Also visited to my parents today to act as the unpaid garden consultant and do some much needed pruning. Lunch, as always, was homemade and very enjoyable. Thanks Mum.

Returning to my recent encounter with an immature Mute Swan that initially didn't want to take part in a photo shoot, well patience usually pays off, so as promised here are some of the images I managed to get.

Let's see what this chap wants

I think I would prefer a drink.


Thanks for coming to say hello.  FAB


  1. I love swans. My sister, JoAnne, had 2 black swans on her pond..they can be a bit disagreeable at times...but such beauty. I like the "dribble"

  2. Oh my, these shots are incredible! Nice work, Frank!

  3. ...such beautiful photos. I like the immatures plumage with that mottled brown back. You'll have to post the fruits of your labor this summer when your parents garden is in bloom!

  4. Gorgeous Swan! No ugly duckling here. I love the brown on the feathers and the water dripping is way cool. Great set of photos.

  5. Lovely Frank. Not usually camera shy are they. Good to see he gave in in the end.

    Mums are the best cooks in the world :)

  6. Lovely images Frank really well captured, think the last two with the water droplets are my favourites

  7. Liked the cropped version of the swan a lot.

  8. Carol. One of my favorites as well.

    Mona. Thank you very much.

    Kelly. I agree the plumage made the shoot more interesting. The parents garden needs some more drastic pruning but that will have to wait until Spring. Now I have more time I hope to be able to help them much more.

    Cindy. Thank you.

    Keith. Nothing like home cooking.

    Monty. Cheers. My favourites as well.

    Angad. Thanks. I must try to take more shots in future so that I have more options to post.

  9. Really good images Frank.
    Excuse me, you were paid, you were given lunch.{:)

  10. WOW!WOW!WOW!, is all I can of the photos.

    I enjoyed your little snippet of time with your mom.

  11. Beautiful pictures of birds I love. Yesterday I watched several hundred Trumpeters as they migrated through our area. Beautiful graceful flights.

  12. Hi Frank,
    Nice you could enjoy the presence of this swan, and it is nice also that he finally behave for you! This is definitively not something that is gonna happen here with the whoopers, unless you got on the pond downtown! You got nice shots despite the desperate light of winter ;-)

  13. Great shots Frank. Got another one for the perfect picture file.

  14. superb photos Frank. Mute swans are a scarce bird on my patch, recorded most often flying over.

  15. Excellent swan shots Frank and glad it decided to cooperate w/ you!

  16. Roy. Of course you're right but she wouldn't have it any other way.

    schereart. Thanks Lisa.

    Bill S. Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment. Now a single Trumpeter would be an ace sighting for me.

    Chris. Mutes are usually fairly cooperative and had another few moments with one today but then it snowed!!

    Richard. Cheers, the good ones don't come along as often as we would like, do they?

    Warren. Thanks.

    Kim. Managed a few more today of another individual so will have some to post when the winter weather takes a hold.

  17. good work Frank - great shots

  18. Thanks Tony, I'll catch up with your recent trip posts very soon.

  19. Isn't she something. I've never seen a swan look like that before. Your patience definitely paid off, big time!

  20. Hi Sharon. Yes, they can be very confiding outside the breeding season.


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