Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Stroll in the Park

Yesterday morning, but not too early, I met up with Tricia for a stroll in Richmond Park. The car instruments suggested an outside air temperature of just 0.5C but with no wind and well wrapped up this should be a doddle although the forecast did suggest sleet at some time during the day! So suitably clad and equipment over our shoulders we headed off towards Penn Ponds our eyes searching for any avian activity while catching up on each others recent activities.

Richmond Park extends over some 955 hectares (2,360 acres) and is a heritage landscape of national importance. It was enclosed as a hunting park by Charles I in 1637 and still retains many ingredients of a medieval deer park. Essential to its character is the rich landscape of semi-natural acidic grassland, areas of bog and bracken, wetland, woodland and ancient parkland trees, and the herds of fallow and red deer that still roam the park. In 1992 the park was notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by English Nature.

A group of Parakeets were drinking from a muddy pathway puddle but flew off to their typical high perches before I could get close enough for a decent shot. A brief view of a male Great Spotted Woodpecker was greatfully accepted as it fervently tapped away for a meal. As we neared the pond it was obvious that it was

cold by the frozen puddles and it had started to snow so this was definitely going to test my basic camera skills! Occupants on the pond included Mallard, Pochards, Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans, Moorhen and Coots.

Male Tuftie

A pair of Coots

Another very obliging Mute Swan
Flitting around the tree lined margins were Blue and Great Tits totally oblivious to the changing weather conditions. While attempting to keep our gear dry we headed over to the smaller lower pond to be greeted

by a pair of male Shovellers spinning around in circles but not unexpectedly they moved further away as we approached the waterside, so just a record shot obtained this time.

A wintery water view.

Water and Ice.

Sheltering from the increasing snow fall beneath a tree and with some timely camera setting tips from Tricia I finally captured a lone Crow surveying its domain just above us.

On the rising ground above the ponds we spied a group of Red Deer quietly feeding but with the snow now presenting a real challenge the question was should we continue or return ...... no argument this was an opportunity not to be missed. So the intrepid pair slowly approached their quarry who didn't seem at all interested in our presence. The increasing snowfall definitely played havoc with my auto settings but I managed a few captures that I will share in a later post. Below is a cropped image of the shot I have used for my header.
Gear packed away we decided to retrace our steps and below is the view we left behind.

Other sightings included a Kestrel, Green Woodpecker, Starling, Robin, Jackdaws and finally a Pied Wagtail back at Pembroke Lodge where we enjoyed a cuppa and (don't tell my dentist) some chocolate cake. Thanks Tricia for a very pleasant stroll in the park.   FAB


  1. Nice winter scenes Frank, the deer shot is great. Great new header as well.
    It would have to be chocolate cake if you were with Tricia.{:)

  2. A lovely post but I think I should send you some of our sunshine TB. :)

  3. Was a good morning and I think the snow added to it. Great new header picture :D Good to have your company Frank :)

  4. Oh, I so enjoy these outings with you. Very nice shots, Frank, and I love the Header photo.

  5. Tricia's camera setting tips sure worked! You got some cracking photo's there!

  6. Hi Frank,
    Wow I guess this was a nice trip with Tricia.. Fun to be able to meet otherwise than with a keyboard ;-) As to the pictures, one can see that you enjoyed yourself very well. You have quite a good number of pictures there and I'm jealous of the shoveler. Never got them ;-)
    But the best of the best is the picture of your new banner... It is a fantastic one! The banner is gorgeous! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  7. First off, great new header Frank.

    Excellent post of your stroll. You got the exposures just right on the dark birds; Coot, Crow and Tufted. Not easy.
    The last shot really shows the conditions. Looks very cold.

  8. Hello Frank
    Some really lovely photo's capturing a wintry outlook.
    A stunning header photo! Brilliant.

  9. Gosh, Frank. The duch shots are great.

  10. Roy. No secret, but I was raised on chocolate! LOL.

    Joan. Some of your sunshine would be appreciated.

    Tricia. See you again soon for another stroll.

    Mona. Thank you.

    Warren. They say if you don't ask, you won't find an answer.

    Chris. It was great to get out in good company. I thought it was time to change the header and this shot just seemed appropriate.

    Keith. Thanks my friend. Still learning & trying to remember what I've learnt! Not really as cold as it looks.

    Shirleyanne. Should have taken some more views but concerned about the effects of wet snow on a camera!

    Steve B. For once the Ducks didn't dash away immediately so took whatever they had to offer.


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