Friday, 4 December 2009

Norfolk Day 5 - Part 2

Continuation of day 5 in Norfolk, we headed into Holkham Park for a comfort stop and to take in the views
and colours of a departing Autumn.

Jean and Tony arrive just as I'm trying to get pics of the Fallow Deer by parking illegally at the side of the road!
Below - A pair of Fallow 'bookends'.
A buck strolls quietly across his domain.
Well we finally arrived and parked in Lady Anne's Drive to await the 'finale' of our trip to Norfolk.
SORRY but you are going to have to wait just a while longer.........for the main event.  FAB


  1. On the edge of my seat, Frank! These are great posts.


  2. Holkham Park looks well worth a visit from this Frank.
    Love that shot of the buck.

  3. Looks like the day just got better and better Frank, Great shots and cannot wait for the Finale.

  4. Love the autumnal colours & can't wait for the 'finale'!

  5. Excellent posts from your Norfolk adventure and I can't wait for the finale. Did you have crab sandwiches when at Moreston Quay? I can recommend them. Some very familiar sights there - Norfolk's an amazing place.

    Will be in touch soon re walks/birding - the weather's stopped most activity over the last week!

  6. Great shots and I love the deer.

  7. We wait in anticipation Frank.

  8. Hi Wilma, Monty, sharon & Roy. Now settle down folks & don't let the suspense get to you.. won't be too long!

    Hi Keith & Eileen. It's quiter in the winter (less people) and I might just be able to find a few more deer pics for you.

    Hi Tricia. Didn't have time to hunt for the local 'sarnies', maybe next time. I totally agree it's my favorite destination.
    Yeh, the weather's a drag...wait to hear from you.

  9. Seems an age now since the leaves were on the trees! Nice photo's.

  10. Beautiful scenery - but if the weather is as cold as your last post indicated I am rather glad I am reading about your trip rather than participating!

  11. What, you meant that there is a greater event than that! Wow, that is gonna be a big thing, because this psot is already something for me!!! You got gorgeous shots and very nice scenery, deers and birds shots! What more can you ask? ;-)

  12. Warren. Cheers, at least when they are leafless we have a chance of spotting any inhabitants.

    Mick. It's not really cold, but the constant winds bring the temperature down.

    Chris. The post on the "main" event is due very soon, hope you enjoy it.


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