Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A Slimmer Figure!

Don't I look slimmer in the mirror?


  1. This post brought a smile to my face.

  2. hahaha...you made me laugh...

  3. Excellent reflection shot Frank!

  4. Well, I'm very sorry to be a late attender Frank (it is such a busy time of year and I'm under the weather and struggling to keep up with 'blogland'), however, I have just spent a very enjoyable time with you and Anita and your friends in Norfolk. What a wonderful time you had and I very much enjoyed sharing it with you, the magnificent spectacle of the Geese being the pinnacle of course, I'm sure you will all remember that for ever.

    I also enjoyed peeking into your garden, it was nice to see you still have some interest and colour there.

    Today's post made me smile of course and oh yes I nearly forgot, I would have loved a slice of that Coffee and Walnut cake...my absolute favourite!!

  5. Steve B. I hoped it might! I'm sur Richard (At the Water) would have added an appropriate 'baloon' comment but I'm not that clever.

    Kelly. That was my intention..glad it worked. I'll have to try something similar in future!

    Chris. Thanks my friend.

  6. Hi Jan. I'm soory to hear you are unwell & hope you soon recover. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the trip with us....this has been an annual pilgrimage for some years in addition to my other visits. I have never tired of watching the Geese & always meet so many others who feel the same.
    The mirror Mallard was just a bit of fun & the cake was definitely yummy. Take care. FAB.

  7. Great caption! and lovely Mallard shot...

  8. Kathiesbirds. You certainly can, any time.


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