Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Precarious Pigeon

While waiting for the "Evening Geese Flight" last month my attention was drawn to this ungainly individual attempting to manouvre itself through a tangled Hawthorn to reach the 'larder'.

As the light was poor and the scope was already set up I took few digiscoped shots using my pocket compact camera.

Eventually ..... success.    FAB


  1. They dont miss a trick Frank, great shots.

  2. These are great shots Frank, you managed it well!!! There are few of them around nowadays, but I guess with the wind they will be blown away soon!

  3. I swear I can see a little smile on that bird's face in the last photo....
    Nice series!

  4. Very cool Frank. Looks like he wanted those berries..?

  5. Nice series, Frank! Birds will go to great lengths to reach the goodies, won't they?

  6. Roy. Pretty versatile chaps.

    Chris. The berries are pretty tough & hang on fairly well...until eaten of course.

    Shelley. Satisfaction after all its efforts I think.

    Nick S. Definitely wasn't going to give up.

    Mona. It wasn't going to thwarted even by the thorns!

  7. Lovely pics :).

    We have a Woody like that. We've named him 'Walter'. He hoovered up all the elder berries as soon as they were ripe and now sits in the mesh tray on my bird feeder, merrily chomping around himself. Before now he's had to flop down on the picnic table and sleep it off because he's too heavy to fly!

    When he's gone 'Godfrey' shows up - a Green Finch who eats what Walter was sitting on and then stretches himself out in the feeder for a little snooze. He's incredibly tame - you can go right up to him and he never flinches. We were worried that he may have the finch virus but he's in fine feather and flys well - it would appear he just likes food and human company. Haha

  8. Gaina. Some interesting characters visiting you. LOL.

  9. haha..he is precariously perched. Lovely series! I love watching the birds gobble up the berries.

  10. The Early Birder said...
    Gaina. Some interesting characters visiting you. LOL

    You're telling me!

    Haha I don't know they do it but wherever we've lived, every truly bizarre animal within a ten mile radious seems to find our house. I once had a dog who loved spring onions - he would nick them out of the garden!

    I now have a cat who likes porridge for breakfast.

  11. That pigeon looks similar to the band-tailed pigeons we have here in AZ. It is certainly different from our street pigeons!

  12. Hi Kelly. It was fun watching him/her trying to maintain balance & reach the grub.

    Kathie. Somewhat similar but Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus) definitely stockier plus broad white wing bands & black tail band.
    We have far too many city (feral) pigeons as well!

  13. Good to see his perseverance paid off in the end Frank.

  14. Keith. It sure did & a great balancing act to watch.


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