Thursday 3 December 2009

Norfolk (Day 5 - Part 1)

Continuation from the previous post (Norfolk Day 4)......
With just strong winds and poor light to contend with during the previous four days the forecast for day 5 was not so promising with heavy showers expected but nothing like the north-east of UK was experiencing. My main objective was to share the geese flight hopefully at sunset with our friends so with many hours to fill we headed off to Moreston Quay.
This is the usual departure point for visiting Blakeney Point and the Grey and Common Seal colonies but today we would just take a short stroll.
Just as well as it wasn't long before the rain caught up with us and the path became unpassable without waders!
Marsh Harrier, Kestrel, Cormorant, Little Egret, Black-headed Gulls, Meadow Pipit, Starling, Linnets and Pied Wagtail were seen before we returned to the cars, slightly damp.
A soulful warrior returns from his morning walk.

At this point A and I decided to stop off at Stiffkey Marshes whilst our friends headed elsewhere. Well the rain kept us trapped in the car for nearly an hour but we then doned our full wet weather gear and headed towards Warham Green. Lapwing and Golden Plover were feeding in the fields but seemed to disappear over the brow of the hill every time I lifted the camera up!
There was some activity over the marsh; Little Egrets moving to a fresh feeding location,
and a flypast by a Curlew
plus Brent Geese feeding.
We also added Skylark to the trip list plus a very distant (probable) sighting of a Whooper Swan family flying inland from the seaward side. After munching our packed lunch we headed off to towards Holkham Hall to catch up with two of our friends. (Day 5 - Part 2 to follow soon)  FAB


  1. I have been following your blog for about a month. It's interesting as probably 50% of your birds are the same as ours. The others are a pleasant discovery. The terrain and surroundings add to my interest.
    Thanks for visiting my site the other day. I hope you found something interesting.

  2. Despite the awful weather and conditions Frank, you got some good birds. Love that Curlew shot, flying past.

  3. Another fine post Frank, pity the weather curtailed the days activity.This bad spell is so frustrating the wind is the worst aspect for me, as I do not have IS on my 400mm lens and its almost impossible to hold it steady.

  4. Very nice one of the Curlew Frank and the dog shot is really great.

  5. I too like like that Curlew photo Frank - nice.

    You needed waders, and got them!

  6. Wonderful shots, the Curlew is my favorite too.

  7. Red. Welcome & thanks for leaving those appreciative words. So much similar & so much different that's why we learn so much from one another.

  8. Keith. Another 'chance' shot that worked.

    Monty. Even with 'IS' the strong winds are a challenge especially when I don't think to use a tripod!

    Roy. Cheers, the dog looked absolutely knackered LOL!

    Warren. A raft would have been more appropriate.

    Eileen. Thankyou.


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