Monday, 30 March 2009

Greylag Goose (Anser anser)


  1. Good shot! He's rather pretty.

  2. Great picture!! The one that lives in my town is crazy. Are they any more tame on your side of the Atlantic??

  3. Montanagirl. Ok but not in my top ten of good lookers!

    Kallen. Just the one? They can be but I think this one was just plain nosey & probably thought there was a handout going free!

  4. that goose. Makes me think of one of the Gabble sisters in Disney's "Aristocats!" I can see that waddle...

  5. Good capture Frank. Not the quietest of birds when they get going are they.

  6. He looks handsome and harmless enough! Good shot!

  7. Hi again Frank :-)

    Nice shot. I often see large flocks of these birds in fields in my area. We are near a nature reserve so they probably roost there in the evenings. They are quite a sight to see in such large numbers. I actually find them pretty too – but I also love female Mallards so what can I say ;-)

  8. Good photo Frank and I think it is a beautiful creature and looks quite comical too.

  9. Frank, I believe he has a rather "no nonsense" look about him! Thanks for sharing this photo with us.

  10. Kelly, I think you meant "Gobble". I confess I had to 'Google' to find Abigail & Amelia.

    Keith, I agree - honky, honky.

    Shelly, he might be a she (not sure how you tell them apart)!

    Thanks shirl, always good to see any species in large numbers but would prefer Pink-footed Geese.

    Jan. Thanks, not bad for a quick snap & he/she got closer.

    Mona, I agree - "don't fuss with me", this is my patch.

    Warren. Thanks.

  11. Hi Frank,
    This is a beautiful picture. Are they kind of scare in your area? Ours are living everywhere from the country side to the town. They are billions of them in summer and they are not really scare. You find them everywhere!!

  12. Hi Chris. YES very common & no's obviously increase from Europe in winter.

  13. Very stately goose! We don't get this one over here.

  14. He's handsome in a subdued kind of way. I've never seen one.

  15. I have never seen a greylag before..but he does seem to have that air about him that says, "beware" ..maybe its b/c he is walking toward your lens..which seems bold!! You certainly did a great job of capturing his demeanor, your pic is great!! Is he striped on his back?
    Love that marshy land you visited in this pic.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog..I appreciate you taking the time and leaving such nice comments!

    The nest houses on poles you saw in my are called blue bird houses and were put there to attract the Eastern Blue bird, which are cavity nesters. The English sparrow/house sparrow became such a dominant bird here in the US, also nesting in cavities, that their presence was contributing to the decline of the blue bird. People who put up these houses have really saved the blue bird, allowing them to find a place to nest and reproduce. They are a beautiful blue color and are real sweeties to have in one's backyard. There are actually blue bird trails where a land owner will place houses every 100 yards and then monitor the houses..kicking out the house sparrow if seen..helping the blues to advance in their numbers.
    Wow! so sorry to have taken so much of your comment col. :( but wanted to tell you about our beloved blues!!

  16. Hi Steve B & Lynne - Glad to have shown you something new again.

    Hi Tina - The Greylag photo was taken at Oare Marshes (see Feb post). Upperparts are brown-grey with broad pale fringes giving a strong 'striped' contrast but in flight the pale blue-grey is more obvious.
    Thanks for explaining about preserving your Blue Birds, now I'm better informed. Cheers FAB.


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