Friday, 6 March 2009

Wildlife at Whichford Pottery

On Wednesday I visited Whichford Pottery, together with three work colleagues, to carry out my annual review with the pottery sales & production team. The outward two hour journey was uneventful with very few birds seen apart from Crows, Magpies, Starlings, Pigeons, one Common Buzzard and a single Yellowhammer perched by the roadside.
Even Elephants can be found in the overflow stock area!

While working in the office with Paula we saw a pair of Sparrowhawks & a Buzzard fly over.

While my colleagues were given a personalised tour of the pottery I spent time searching out some new designs. The centre picture shows the pots after the slip has been applied and drying out prior to firing in the kiln. The other shots show the final products as designed by one of the throwers.

Other new pots incorporate some wildlife - Bees on an Armscote Bee Pot & a Salamander on (yes you guessed correct) a Salamander Pot.

Breaking new boundaries Jim Keeling has designed and produced this Great Warwick Pot using a specially formulated black glaze to create this unique and innovative piece of work. It is a very, very expensive object (which I could easily hide inside) because all the embossed motifs have been painstakingly oil-gilded with several thickness 23.5 ct gold by a Master Gilder!

On the journey home we eventually caught up with sighting of at least six Red Kites.


  1. My goodness Frank, that is very close to home! I really should have been there by now and am sure it must be worth a visit, although as suggested by the Great Warwick Pot I believe it is very expensive. We have walked in Whichford Woods in the past, I remember we went there with our Labrador who sadly is no longer with us. I'm glad you had an interesting day out and envy your sighting of the Red Kites.

  2. ..interesting and cool pottery. Imagining them overflowing with flowers is nice too!

  3. What beautiful craftsmanship! Wish we all had several of them brimming with colorful flowers. Lucky you to get to take the trip. :c)

  4. 6 Red kites! I hope one comes my way this year. they really are doing well now!

  5. Jan it is worth a visit at any time. The throwing loft is usually open & visitors are encouraged to walk around & watch / chat to any of the staff while they work. I agree the surrounding countryside is delightful.

    Kelly & Jayne - From spring thro' to summer the place is ablaze of colour, especially the owners own garden.

    Warren - There's every chance as we have already had sightings around Wisley last year.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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