Tuesday, 24 March 2009

FAB The Earlybirder reaches 21 again!

When checking in tonight I noticed that the “Earlybirders” followers had reached the milestone figure of 21 thanks to recent followers Leedra and Liam. I have often marvelled at the number of followers on other blogs but never imagined that my humble postings would reach these dizzy levels. To everyone who has joined as an ‘Earlybirder’ plus everyone else that drops by I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for allowing me to revisit 21 again!

You will probably have noted that my postings have recently reduced to one or two a week and this is mainly due to work commitments. With hopefully a busy spring retail season ahead of us this trend of irregular posts is likely to continue for the time being but I hope you will all continue to drop by from time to time to see what I have been doing.

Some of you will no doubt have seen that I occasionally sign off comments on your blogs with ”FAB” and I promised one of my earliest followers that I would explain what this meant.

If you look up fab in Wiktionary, you might find answers such as:

F.A.B., a radio sign-off used in the Thunderbirds TV series;
From fabulous, by shortening;
Film Advisory Board;
FAB, the IATA airport code for Farnborough Airfield;
Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages, also known as alcopops ;
Federation de l'Automobile de Belarus, a member of the FIA.

Well the answer is very simple. I was and always will be a fan of ‘Thunderbirds’, as when I sat glued to the TV screen I always felt a direct connection as my initials are, yes you may have guessed, F.A.B. During my previous career my initials on a document were a clear indication of my involvement and as a result I became known as and was called ‘FAB’ by my closest associates and friends rather than Frank.
So by signing off as 'FAB' you will now know who it is but more importantly it also means that your posts are fabulous.


  1. FAB! My husband Art is a HUGE fab of The Thunderbirds and when we were first married we'd watch it on Saturday mornings. When I first noticed yout sign-off my first thought was Thunderbirds!!
    It's nice to know there's another fan across the big blue sea.

  2. Congrats on your 21! I enjoy coming to your blog because I see birds I don't get to see here so it is always a joy!

  3. Thanks for the reference to my blog.

    I love the followers icon because if somebody misses a day or week it keeps me from going there over and over to see if they have posted. Everybody should use it for blogs they find interesting. With this addition to blogger I don't think people should loose interest in a blog just because of less post. I actually thought I had added you before now, but I guess I forgot. Thanks for coming back, it finally hit me I wasn't seeing your post, just comments from you.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  4. Well it turns out HLH and I were both right then Frank, the first time I saw FAB on your blog HLH said he was sure you were a Thunderbirds fan but I said I thought it was your initials.
    Congrats on being 21 again although you have aged quickly as I see you are now 22!! Well done!

  5. When I arrived, your followers list was up to 22--yeah! Fun reading!!! I enjoyed learning the origins of the FAB. I always assumed it was short for fabulous. Fun initials to have as well!

  6. Hi Frank! I follow your blog via Bloglines, and have enjoyed it very much. And you are indeed, pretty FAB!

  7. It's not surprising you've got so many followers, Frank. That's what happens when you've got such a good blog.
    Word verification was 'notidows'. Sounds like a bad cold!

  8. Lynne - Thanks & regards to Art.

    Kim - I also very much enjoy seeing 'your' birds.

    Leedra - You are very welcome & apologies accepted.

    SS & Kelly - Yes, it does say 22 but there is actually only 21 in the list so perhaps the other one is my alter ego?

    Jayne - So are you. Lol FAB

    Graham - Thanks mate & I don't need another virus!

  9. Well, 21 is just a beginning Frank. Your blog is one of my favorite. I can learn a lot from there and your post are all the time very attractive, so you deserved it mate!!

  10. Chris, thanks for the continued encouragement.

  11. Your blog is one of the more informative Frank, I enjoy a read of it, - when time permits!!

  12. You seem to have had a few 21s recently FAB. Your blog and tales certainly deserve the attention they get!

  13. The reason why so many visit your Blog Frank is because you always display interesting nature subjects with great images and text. In short its a FAB Blog.
    (Thunderbirds are go!)

  14. Warren - Thanks, it's good to know what my peers think. I certainly can't live up to your daily posts but I do drop by more often than I leave comments.

    Tricia - Well I suppose I have you to blame (no I really do mean thank you) for getting me into this & allowing me to reach out and hopefully inspire & encourage others to enjoy all wildlife.
    Lol FAB.

  15. Roy - I try my best, but still have a lot to learn (even from you). Anyway Parker where have you hidden Lady Penelope?

  16. Congrats on 21 followers - I know you'll have more in no time! And thank you for sharing the meaning of FAB (i thought it was fabulous or your initials)

  17. You're welcome Frank - glad to have helped :D

    ( and Lady P is probably cleaning the car! )

  18. Shelly, I had a feeling that you would guess correctly. Lol FAB.

  19. Oh My Goodness - I just found your blog. It and your photography are FAB!! (lol). Thank you for visiting my blog - that's how I found yours. My husband and I went to the Columbus, Ohio Airshow in 2007, and I managed to get lots of good photos of the Thunderbirds, Mustangs, etc., etc., I'll post some of them for your viewing enjoyment later on.

  20. Montanagirl - Thank you & welcome. I checked out the "in flight" pis, they are great.

  21. Cool Frank, post when you can...we'll be watching!

  22. Frank - thanks for visiting again. I have so many pictures from that Airshow, that it would take me forever to post them all. Just wanted to share a few with you and the other followers.

  23. Here's something funny: By the time I got to this post, there had been 21 comments posted. I'm comment 22. And I now see that you have 23 followers. Fun with numbers! Seriously, congrats, and post when you can. I hope business will be good. I know I plan on buying lots of plants this spring!

  24. Just 'aged' by one again. ;)
    I'll have to come back later for a proper look, because it's 4.25 a.m. and I should be getting ready for work.
    I've enjoyed the photos, and what I've quickly read.

  25. Hi Frank,
    I'm glad things are picking up for you at work. I'm hoping all of us will see an improvement in the worldwide economy by the end of this year. In the meantime, we'll at least have spring and summer birding and gardening to enjoy, right?

  26. Hi Heather. The number keeps rising, so I must be doing something right! As you know horticulture is very weather dependant but we are optomistic that this will be a good spring so keep buying.

    holdingmoments, with work increasing day by day I'm feeling slightly older! Thanks for dropping in, but don't make yourself late for duty on my count.

    RuthieJ, we all hope so to. I agree spring / summer birding & gardening is a good time of year.


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