Saturday, 7 March 2009

Garden visitors today.

Garden sightings today started with a knock on the door by Fiona (our neighbour) to tell Anita that there was a very colourful Pheasant sitting on the fence in the back garden behind the Pittosporum. I was upstairs and on hearing this information I rushed into the rear bedroom just in time to see the Pheasant fly away towards the local pub, disturbed by Anita opening the back door! Well that's a first for our garden list.
I spent most of the day tidying up around the garden whilst being serenaded by the twittering of Robin, Blue Tit, Great Tit, the pair of Long-tailed Tits, Greenfinch, House Sparrows & Dunnock.

After a visit to the local re-cycling centre I heard two more sounds - Goldfinch and then Siskin (another garden first). Unfortunately he wouldn't show himself fully so only got a partial photo!

Other visitors were Blackbird, Starling, Collared Doves & the daily fly over of Rose-ringed Parakeets, Black-headed Gulls, Crow & Magpies.
Most of the colour in the garden is from Hellebores, a few Crocus, Snowdrops, early flowering Narcissus and this Leucojum vernum 'Carpathicum' which has yellow spotted petals as opposed to green-spotted on L.vernum (The Spring Snowflake).


  1. My goodness your garden was hopping today!! I love the spring snowflake flower. I have never seen one before. It is stunning.

  2. Hi Frank,
    So you got two new species in your garden, we can only imagine this is a very good gardenthen!! I love the flowers too and hope that you will get the siskin next time...

  3. Kallen - A fairly normal day I think except for the Pheasant & Siskin. It's only at weekends (if I'm at home) that I get a chance to garden watch properly.

    Chris the garden is very small but not many neighbours have feeders so that probably accounts for the different visitors. It's not easy to find a place to photo the birds without disburbing them but I'll keep trying.
    Have a safe trip to Paris & we will catch up later in the month.

  4. Such pretty little flowers!
    I really like your new banner photo. That is a wonderful photograph. What kind of bird is it?

  5. ...sounds like a very pleasant day. More and more of those will be coming our way as spring moves in.

  6. Lovely post and pics Frank, I hope Anita wasn't in too much trouble for opening that back door (I am assuming the neighbour had called at the front) I'm just thinking HLH might not have been too popular with me if he had done that! what a surprising visitor though.
    That Spring Snowflake looks delightful.

  7. Lovely shot of the Greenfinch. Phil

  8. It was beautiful here yesterday too and we spent a good bit of time in the yard as well. I cleaned out the garden bed by our mailbox and cut away all the dead things to reveal new life in the Sedum and daffodils about to explode into bloom. :c)

    Your garden sounds lovely Frank. Have a great day.

  9. That is quite a good 'count' for one day in your garden Frank.

  10. Hi "Earlybirders", thanks for the comments.

    Lynne, I hope to get photo's of the taller variety in a few months time. The new header is a Reed Bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)& was taken on my Feb visit to Oare Marshes.

    Kelly, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when new visitors will start arriving.

    Thanks Jan. Yes a very unusual visitor & I didn't say a word to Anita, well not in anger anyway.

    Phil this is the 1st shot I've been able to get, despite their daily garden visits.

    Jayne, I'm pleased you are getting some good weather, it certainly cheers the spirit. Have just returned from a trip out with a few "bloggers" so watch for the next post!

    Yes Roy, I'm often surprised at the no of species but I think the weather helped.

  11. At first glance I thought the flower was Lily of the Valley, but see this is different, but just as pretty.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  12. Thanks for spotting the similarity in the flower shape Leedra.


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