Friday, 20 March 2009

Forgotten Photo - Kestrel

This image of a male Falco Tinnunculus, quietly surveying his domain whilst perched atop a tree above the car park at Church Norton (Pagham Harbour) in Sept 2007, was my first successful attempt at digi-scoping. The sharpness of focus on the Kestrel was not perfect but I was pretty chuffed with the final result particularly as it took me some minutes to set up the scope whilst I silently prayed that he would not fly away.


  1. Good that the kestrel stayed there long enough for you to get your photo. What equipment are you using for digiscoping - or have you said this before and I've missed it?

  2. ...what a beautiful photo of a kestrel. I took one the other day, but it's pathetic...very fuzzy, more of an ID photo. Kestrels are a favorite of mine...ours have a bit more color.

  3. Hi there!

    This is still actually a pretty good shot! It's beautiful and it's great he was not looking in your way or he would probably scamper away when it sees your camera. :P

    Much Love,

  4. Well worth the setting up of the camera Frank :)

  5. What a beautiful bird!! I love all of the details in its chest. You did an excellent job captutring it.

  6. Hi Frank...What exactly is digi-scoping? I've seen this term on many blogs and I'm new to photography. I can just picture you trying to hurry for your shot before he escapes....we've all been there! Very nice capture!

  7. He is so very lovely Frank. What a great effort. :c)

  8. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in responding but I have been out in the fresh air today!

    Mick. Yes you did - please see post on "Barn Owl". For the Kestrel I used my pocket Samsung Digimax hand held through 30X wide eyepeice on my Swarovski ATS 80HD scope. Now using a zoom lens (usually set at 20x) with an adapter made by my father.

    Kelly, I remember seeing 00's of American Kestrels pass thro' Cape May many years ago.

    HalfCrazy. Welcome & thank you. I think he knew what I was doing.

    Tricia - Absolutely.

    Kim. Thanks, I was pleased with the detail.

    SpookyDragonfly. See comments to Mick. I will e-mail you with some info to help explain.

    Jayne & Graham. Thanks

  9. Hi Leedra, it's fairly simple but does take a little more time to set up than pointing & pressing with the camera for a quick pic!

  10. Nice shot of the Kestrel. I posted a few Thunderbird photos - and one of the F22 Raptor. I had a lot of fun getting those shots! Check it out.


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