Friday, 13 March 2009

Limited Birding this week!

Very little opportunities for birding this week but I did manage a short walk around the Great Pond on Epsom Common prior to work on Thursday.

Bird sounds are increasing with the repetitive songs of Song Thrush (2), loud bursts from the diminutive Wrens (3), the wistful Robins (5) expanding their repertoires plus plenty of Blue, Great & Long-tailed Tits vocalising their presence plus a scolding Blackbird. As I reached the bank below the pond the loud honking of Canada Geese battered my eardrums. There were a total of 10 on the water and all paired-up. Other water dwellers were Coot (4), Moorhen (3), Mallard (8), and Cormorants (4) plus I disturbed a Grey Heron and whilst trying unsuccessfully to get an 'in-flight' photo a pair of Mandarin Ducks called as they passed overhead and disappeared somewhere in the pond margins but could not be relocated. On the return walk to the car a Nuthatch called and showed itself very briefly with Great-spotted Woodpecker drumming & calling from within the woodland.

The only satisfactory photo was a Canada Goose - Are two heads better than one?


  1. this photo I'd say so! I like the balance...serene.

  2. Love the reflection of the Canada Goose in the water. I too had a limited week for birding. I guess it was just one of those weeks for many of us. ;o)

  3. The light will be getting better soon, and the pics will come thick and fast! As will the spring migrants.

  4. Yes Frank, I have noticed more bird noise in recent days, got to be a good sign.

  5. There has certainly been signs of spring migration today, Frank, and an actual dawn chorus this morning.

  6. Your list of birds seems quite extensive for just a short walk. I like the photo of the Canada Goose with the reflection.

  7. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in responding - Overslept & the spent the 2nd part of the day in the garden.
    Thanks for all your comments & encouragement.

    Graham I see you did well today with returning migrants _ I knew I should have got up early but.....


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