Friday, 18 July 2014

Hillside Wander.

For this weeks edition of Good Fences (hosted by TexWisGirl) why not follow my journey as the boots take another leisurely wander around Denbies Hillside on the North Downs.

From my starting point the path drops steeply downwards across Steers Field, with a view of the South Western Weald stretching out way below, to the first of many gateways beyond which I enjoy the sight of many Chalkhill Blues and Marbled Whites. Most of them were males on the wing hunting for a female but a few stopped for either a rest or a top up of nectar.

I think about taking a rest in the shade by the gate that leads into the woodland but there are far too many distractions such as lots of Cobweb Spiders including a Funnel Weaver waiting at the entrance to its lair hidden within the shaded brambles, plus Six-spot Burnet and Skippers perched nearby in the sunshine.

After an hour or so in the sunshine with the temperature rising to around 28 deg C I decide to rest awhile about two thirds of the way along the downward slope, amongst the grasses and wild flowers, and soak in the view southeastwards as the clouds slowly drifted in that direction.

At the foot of the slope I pass through a small shaded copse with two more gates to negotiate and then get a reverse view of hillside route I have just descended.

As I turn eastwards I am serenaded by the song of a Goldfinch while a tiny Goldcrest underneath the light green beach canopy checks out the 'watcher' before continuing its late morning search for insects.

So finally I'm on level ground on an ancient track that follows the boundary of the original iron Denbies Estate fence. Erected in the 1890's and definitely built to last.

I am quite surprised by the view ahead with large patches of tall growing Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea (Lathyrus sylvestris) adorning the track side verges and being visited by various flutters including the Chalkhill Blue and a number of Brimstone and Gatekeepers.

Blooms reaching high above the fence wire.

The trackway eventually enters some welcome shade and I turn north to climb very slowly back up the hillside. After 60 steps and another gate the view opens up to the final grassy slope that needs to be conquered for me to reach the the beginning and the end of my hillside wander.

I hope you managed to keep up with me .. no apologies for the length of this post.  FAB. 

For this months images of Birds, Butterflies and Odonata please check out my photo blog.


  1. i loved the opening scene (big block of the first mosaic). beautiful skipper photo, too! but then the iron fence took the prize. how very COOL!!!

    thanks, frank!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place for a walk.. The scenery is gorgeous and the flowers and butterflies are beautiful! Great post, enjoy your day!

  3. What a beautiful place and you captured the beauty well. I do like the photo of the spider.

  4. I'm impressed with your photos/collages: Nicely done! Love the blooms, butterflies, and that iron fence.

  5. sooo beautiful...i love the iron sure know your nature!

  6. the scenery is so beautiful. wish I had a place like this near my home to hike in.

    love all the fences and gates Frank.

  7. Hi Frank This is a gorgeous post of collages. Wonderful countryside, butterflies and I love the sweet pea against the very blue sky. Interesting fences as well.

  8. Thank you for taking us along your journey through this beautiful countryside. You captured it so well.

  9. wow, Frank was a great post. fences, blooms, butterflies ... too fun. what a gorgeous hike/walk. the hubby & i love hiking. got to always take the camera every where. have a great Thursday. thank you for stopping by. take care. ( :

  10. Frank...what awesome photos of beautiful countrysides! Love these images...especially that old iron gate! The pink sweetpeas blooming are some of my favorites!

  11. Wow, I thought it was all beautiful, and then your closing photos trumped it all! What sensational iron fences and posts, I'd enjoy myself. It's tremendously beautiful out there, what a pleasure it must be to wander about, and catch the wildlife too.

  12. What a lovely walk you gave us! I'm off to google where this was!

  13. You really enjoy an amazing countryside. I really like your nature images!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  14. Oh wow Frank, what gorgeous scenery! Beautiful blooms and butterflies too.


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