Monday, 14 July 2014

Fallow Bucks.

Introduced by Henry VII for hunting more than 230 wild Deer, both Red and Fallow, freely roam throughout Bushy Park. Their grazing habits help to maintain the high wildlife value of the parks' grasslands. 
During a visit last month I came across two young Fallow Bucks enjoying a mid morning waterside snack. With a decent stretch of water between us I settled down on the opposite bank and took a bucket load of images. So here are a few of these beautiful beasts.

Their antlers start growing in the Spring and can grow at a rate of 2.5cm a day. The soft covering, known as velvet, protects the growing bone and will be shed in time for the Autumn rut.

All images were taken 'handheld' with the 450D and 70-300 lens. FAB.


  1. They are a gorgeous breed of deers. We get very few spotted kind of deers here. Enjoyed viewing your images.

  2. That is a nice set of pictures Frank.

  3. They are such beauties, and it looks like you were able to get pretty close, Beautiful images Frank.. Enjoy your week~


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