Thursday, 31 July 2014

Clouded Yellow.

One of the well known but unpredictable migrant butterflies to Britain is the Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus).
Last Friday I spotted one individual as it flew strongly westwards over Denbies Hillside while I was immersed in photographing other species. At the end of a stroll around Ashtead Common today with one of the Rangers another individual caught our attention as we traversed the meadow. It was flying purposefully around a specific area so I waited patiently and eventually managed to capture an image when it perched very briefly within range of the lens.

There have been a few other sightings recently in Surrey so hopefully there might be other opportunities to watch this delightful migrant that arrives here from around the Mediterranean.   FAB.


  1. pretty thing. i like those green, weird eyes. :)

  2. Lovely butterfly to see Frank, and a cracking photograph.
    You were lucky enough to get it while it 'rested', all I managed a couple of days ago was a quick glimpse of one as it zoomed by at a zillion miles per hour!!

    Lets hope they get 'tired' soon and we can get some good images?...[;o)

  3. great shot Frank, glad it settled so you were able to get this shot.

  4. Nice one Frank. There were quite a few of them at Pulborough Brooks last summer. I shall be keeping my eyes open as I visit this year!

  5. Lovely shot Frank!:) These fast flyers are difficult to photograph.

  6. A perfect yellow...not too bright, not too dull...glad you were able to capture it!...:)JP


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