Friday, 20 April 2012

Wet Local Birding.

I waited for a break in the rain before starting a stroll around my local patch today but as expected the woodland around the car park was fairly quiet .... just a few Blue and Great Tits, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Robin and a distant singing Blackcap. 
A handful of Mallards were occupying the fringes of the Stew Pond and just as the sky darkened I located one male Mandarin resting in its usual spot while its three companions promptly hurried away to the other side of the water. A Coal Tit carrying nesting material into its new home unfortunately eluded the camera!

Skirting around High Meadow I heard several Chiffchaff singing and during a brief period on sunshine a male Blackcap appeared briefly before disappearing into deep cover as a Sparrowhawk flew overhead. After a short time the birdsong restarted and the wistful song of a Willow Warbler (first for this year) drifted towards me on the strengthening breeze. 

On my return to the Great Pond the heavens opened once again ..... one of the Canada Geese decided to sit it out on one leg!

While the resident Grey Heron also stuck it out in the open .... getting wetter and wetter just like me .... but it did allow me to creep a little closer than would normally be permitted although trying to keep the gear dry was somewhat hopeless!

 A quick ruffle of its feathers to shake off some of the excess rainfall!

More rain is forecast for the next few days so I'll probably have to raid the recent archives for the next few posts. FAB.


  1. i like the one-legged goose, but the heron shots are wonderful. i like his angry shake. :)

  2. Glad you stuck it out in the rains Frank and picked up those photos. Mandarin duck, Blackcap, Grey Heron ..each doing their thing, as were you. Take care of your camera equipment!

  3. Some great shots considering the awful conditions Frank.

    It's been rain here for the last few days.
    Since they announced a hosepipe ban strangely enough lol

  4. Bellas imágenes!!!.. I love ardea cinerea.. congrat...

  5. Sometimes rainy days are best for getting sometime different. Very nice!

  6. You had a wonderful walk. Love them all. Carol

  7. Doesn't it drive you nuts Fank! I'd rather have a weather front move through giving hours of rain, than these unpredictable hail and rain showers.

    Least you got to hear a patch Willow Warbler :-)

  8. Hi Theresa. Unfortunately I missed his reaction to a clap of thunder!!

    Thanks Keira.

    Hi Carole M. Typical UK weather .. sunshine one minute and all hell breaks lose the next!

    Hi Keith. It will take months of rain before they even consider withdrawing the ban!

    Thank you Ana. Might find a few more more images soon for you.

    Hi Lois. I had almost given up but then the opportunity just presented itself ... worth getting soaked.

    Cheers Carol.

    There has to be some migrants hunkered down somewhere Warren.

  9. Lovely images Frank..
    Plenty of rain here at the moment unfortunately forecast for the whole weekend..
    The Blackcap image is fantastic.

  10. Cheers Andrew. I would have preferred a clear view with him singing ... probably have to wait a while until the sun really shines.
    Have a good weekend.

  11. Great pictures Frank, the Blackcap is my favourite.

  12. Thanks Bob. They seem to have returned in very good numbers this year.

  13. Great post, Frank! LOVE those Heron shots. We've seen a couple of them from a distance is all.

  14. Thanks Mona. Would have been easier in the dry!

  15. Great Heron close-ups Frank. Not an easy bird to approach.


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