Thursday, 5 April 2012

More from Warnham LNR.

I didn't get any wildlife watching in yesterday as we were waiting on a plumber to call and repair our hot water system that failed last Sunday so as a follow up to my previous post about Warnham LNR, here are a few more images from my day out in Sussex.

 Magpie (Pica pica)

 Male Reed Bunting  (Emberzia schoenichus)

This species is a resident breeder occupying around 185,000 UK territories during the summer. Its main habitat being reedbeds and riverine scrub which was only a hop and skip away from this feeding station.

 Next up is the much stripier female Reed Bunting.

Titbit: Over 50% of Reed Bunting chicks are not fathered by the pair mate but result from an adulterous liaison .... probably the highest recorded of any bird!

Most of the Nuthatches (Sitta europaea ssp. caesia) that I normally see are high up in the woodland canopy so it was a pleasure to see this individual, however briefly, much closer to the lens even though it didn't want to sit still!   FAB.


  1. beautiful birds! the lark bunting and the magpie are both very striking.

  2. I really like how the bunting shots show the individual feathers. When we look at these details a little brown bird becomes a thing of beauty.

  3. Always a pleasure to see your photos. Those Magpies are very striking. Ours are pretty much the same.

  4. Wonderful birds and awesome photos. The male Reed Bunting is very pretty and I always love the cute nuthatches. Great post, happy birding!

  5. great photos Frank, and interesting to note the nuthatch was banded too.

  6. Great pictures of the nuthatch which doesn't seem to sit still all that often in my world! Beautiful bunting (unfamiliar bird to me). Thanks!

  7. Nice to see you enjoyed your visit Frank. You should come on a good day. The first common tern has just arrived. We normally get three pairs. They are spectacular to watch. Jake is the head warden and you will find him very helpful.

  8. Frank, I think the birds with all the textures and markings are the most interesting of all birds. So I love these images. The male reed bunting especially. Carol

  9. Oh I didn't know that fact about the Reed Bunting chicks. Hope you have managed to get your plumbing issues sorted. Linda

  10. A nice capture of the magpie Frank.. it's a lovely bird but so hard to take a pic of.

  11. Thanks Theresa. It makes a change for me to be able to share some different species.

    Hi Red. Thanks and so well said. Digital photography now enables us to view the detail much easier.

    Hi Mona. AND very noisy!

    Thanks Eileen. Just a pity the Nuthatch didn't stay longer ... maybe on the next visit.

    Hi Carole M. Yes, I only spotted that when reviewing the shot .. far too tiny to read though.

    Hi Sallie. Delighted to share something new for you.

    Hi Mike. It was a good day for me but I'll certainly be coming back a.s.a.p.

    Hi Carol. Me too.

    Hi Linda. We all learn something every day. The plumber was 'ace' and interested in birds.

    Thanks Andrew. Got a couple more up my sleeve for another post ... it will probably be ages before I get that close again!

  12. I love the Reed Buntings, they are fantastic, superb photos.

  13. Cheers Bob. I appreciate the compliment.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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