Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Warnham LNR Revisited.

After a gap of around 20 years and prompted by images posted on Mike's blog I recently decided it was time I made a return visit to Warnham Local Nature Reserve  situated on the outskirts of Horsham in West Sussex. (You can click these links for more information and of course view Mike's superb wildlife images.)

Dunnock  (Prunella modularis)

By way of background this 92 acre site, comprises a 17 acre millpond (which was originally created as part of the Sussex iron working industry), marshland, reedbeds, grassland and mixed woodland so an abundance of flora and fauna can be seen throughout the seasons. There are 3 hides, plus boardwalks through the wetland areas leading to the woodland walks with various 'birdie' signs to indicate good photo or wildlife watching points around the site.

I started by spending a while in the Tern Hide watching the distant Grey Herons and a small variety of ducks, Greylag and Canada Geese while an obliging Dunnock perched outside.

Lesser Redpoll (Carduelis cabaret)

As many of my readers will know most of my birding is carried out in locations that do not have bird hides so it was a different experience for me to sit and wait to see what might come in range of my small lens.

The Woodpecker Hide overlooks an area littered with various feeding stations and perches so I waited in anticipation and it wasn't long before a Lesser Redpoll perched briefly on a distant feeder but it was to get much better ......

A closer view of a male Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis).

 Then two for the price of one ... a Goldfinch and the Lesser Redpoll.

Chaffinch  (Fringilla coelebs)
This next shot of a male Chaffinch revealed that this individual had warty growths on both legs and feet.

These growths may vary in size from small nodules to larger warts that engulf the whole leg. The warty growths  (Fringilla papillomavirus) aparently develop slowly over a long period and affected individuals, like this one, may otherwise appear quite healthy. Some individuals, of course, may become lame or lose the affected digits.

Finally, two common garden species that I don't often get the opportunity to get such close up views ...............

Great Tit  (Parus major)
Blue Tit  (Cyanites caeruleus)
I'm not sure who this tiny fellow had its eyes on .... could it be me?

Of course these weren't the only species seen so I have saved a few more images for a follow up post.   FAB.

For more images from around the globe ... check out WORLD BIRD WEDNESDAY. 


  1. Your goldfinch sure looks different from the American variety! Yours are actually more colourful.

  2. that poor finch w/ the leg warts! yikes! such beautiful birds, though!

  3. Hi EG CameraGirl. Your version is probably more aptly named ... especially when in full bredding plumage.

  4. Hi Theresa. Not a pleasant sight to see but as they say 'that's life'.

  5. How neat is that to have a blind to watch birds. I wish there wre more places like that. Wonderful birds. I noticed that the goldfinch is different from the ones we see. (Like the robins I expect, there are the proper British ones and the other guys who hang out on this side of the pond ;>)

  6. Wonderful images Frank... we have some lovely colourful birds in the UK.

  7. Lovely images and it looks a nice place Frank.
    Not seen many Redpolls this winter.

  8. Thanks for the plug Frank. I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

  9. Love your Goldfinch! Ours aren't nearly as striking in color. I heard from a friend that the Sharp-tailed Grouse are dancing. I'll have to get out there with camera in hand!

  10. All beauties!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. I love the Blue Tit. Wished I could see one of those here. Also the Redpoll. Nice images Frank. Hope all is well with you and yours. Carol

  12. Beautiful photos of all those birds. The goldfinch is so colorful!

  13. Very good post, great pictures!

  14. Looks like a wonderful place. I've never had the pleasure of using a hide, either! Such beautiful birds.

  15. Great photos of all the birds Frank! The two for, with the Goldfinch and Redpoll, is very cool! My favorite though is the Blue Tit. It looks like it may have a brood patch in that photo.

  16. Frank, you did well with your small lens and what a lovely bunch of birds it was! I'm sorry to see the poor bird with the warty growths though. Your goldfinch is much different from ours of course but still pretty!

  17. Lovely series of birds, The Goldfinch with the Redpoll and the Chaffinch are my favorites. What a great outing. Happy Birding!

  18. Chaffinch photo is excellent and the detail perfectly illustrates that poor birds affliction.
    You sure where getting great looks at a lot of different birds!

  19. Great photos of all the birds that came close to you. Birding from a bird hide sounds fun! None of them around here!

  20. Hi Larry. I'm sure you are right AND it looks a little frazzled!

  21. Hi Everyone.

    Thanks for all your visits and comments. There will be some more species from this trip coming up soon.

    Cheers FAB.

  22. Marvelous images of your fine feathered friends Frank. I love the ones at the feeder, they are brilliant!
    Happy Easter season~


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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