Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Time with a Tuftie.

I spent a pleasant few minutes with a female Tufted Duck on the River Thames recently. A bit unusual not to see her in the company of at least one male at this time of year so perhaps she dropped in for a rest. She was quite happy just floating around and gave me her undivided attention.

Have been catching up with a few indoor jobs recently but hope to get out and find a few different species over the next few days.   FAB.


  1. Great shots Frank, I love the Tufty family they are always so obliging.

  2. Lovely images Frank, I always think they are great characters Tuftis.

  3. Love the reflections......and the very accommodating Tuftie......

  4. Thanks Steve B, Mona, Monty, Shaz, Roy and Cheryl.
    It's another grey, damp day here today so I'm getting desperate for some clear bright weather to be able to add to the wildlife picture gallery. Have a good weekend. FAB.

  5. That's a lovely bird, I photographed some in September in Hungary, but they don't winter there. Now I know where they are ;-)
    However a nice series.


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