Monday, 1 February 2010

Riverside Interlopers.

A mid morning visit into Kingston today with a bit of time to spare before an appointment allowed me a few moments to enjoy the company of two Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) floating by on the River Thames.
An introduced species from North America that has successfully populated most of the UK. Often forms large, noisy flocks and can be a nuisance when they occupy amenity parkland.
These guys were just enjoying a slow, quiet paddle upstream.
Not content just to pass by but had to give me a look over!
I think this is my best side.

Great to see some blue sky, after a flurry of snow last night that has now disappeared, and a chance to stretch the legs.   FAB.


  1. Nice that even on a trip into the city, you got to see some bird life. I love that last close up Frank. (-:

  2. Yes, they have become overly successful over here too.

  3. Nice images Frank, love the last portrait titled 'I think this is my best side'. Keep them coming.
    Angad Achappa

  4. Hi Frank,
    Yes I agree , it was time to see some blue sky and I'm happy you could enjoy it too... The portrait of the Canada goose is beautiful!

  5. Lovely images Frank. Interlopers they may be, but I am glad we have got them.

  6. Great job with these photos, Frank.

  7. Love the images....especially the close up.
    They are quite common now but I still find them most fascinating. Such noisy birds. We get them in the fields opposite my home now and then.

  8. Thanks everyone for your appreciative words. Canada Geese may not be too popular everywhere but these two certainly appeared to enjoy my attention. FAB.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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