Friday, 12 February 2010

Winter Blues

Another front rolls in above my head and quickly blankets the all too brief blue sky that illuminates the cold empty water below. I'm praying for sunshine to lead me out of the 'winter blues'.  FAB.

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  1. I like your photo the water is so calming to look at.

    Romantic Sunset

  2. Spring will soon be here! Imagine that first breath of warm air wafting past, carrying the scent of blossom. :-)

  3. Beautiful layers of texture and light. A very peaceful scene!

  4. A lovely photo Frank but yes, roll on Summer!

    I was just catching up with your last few posts and had to laugh at the Squirrel peering over the fence it really did look like a burglar doing a quick 'reccy' before making its escape :)

  5. So serene, but yes, looks mighty cold! Spring IS coming!! ~ks

  6. Hi Frank,
    I understand that very well mate and hope you will get some sun.. We got a beautiful weather during one week, cold but sunshine and it was nice to get sunshine even if the birds were scarce..

  7. Manang Kim. Thank you.

    Warren. I'd better catch up on the chores because when it gets here I'm out every day.

    Mary. Thanks for dropping by. A little more activity on the water would add to its charm.

    Jan. I think we'll have Spring first. The Squiggle is definitely a crafty animal.

    ksdoolittle. Cheers, I know it won't be long!

    Chris. I didn't mind the snow or cold but the biting wind is a killer plus the forecast is not too bright!

  8. Beautiful. I understand your longing for blue skies. We just had some of the prettiest blue skies I've seen in a long time, and I felt so happy to see that uninterrupted color. Wishing some blue skies your way...

  9. That's a great shot, FAB. The sky, the horizon, the foreground - nice work!

  10. Beautiful. Looks like a very birdy place with all the water and trees.

  11. Hi Adrienne. I hope your blue skies stay with you as long as possible and bring warmth into your lives.

    Hi Mona. Totally unplanned, just shot as it was. Cheers.

    Hi Bill. It's one of my local patches..fairly quiet at the moment but great hopes for the spring and summer visitors.

  12. You really did a nice job of catching those darker clouds rolling in...but your photo is quite calming to look one pause to think how much we look forward to a change of seasons..and that we have them to enjoy!!

  13. Hi Tina. It was a very peaceful moment and I look forward to capturing the changes as the year progresses.

    Hi Mary. I was dreaming of what is yet to come!


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