Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wet and windy February.

The wet and windy weather during the past week has certainly dampened the spirits but always hopeful I made a number of short excursions to see if I could find anything to add to this years' list.
The sun was trying to shine on Friday so I headed over to Thursley Common but by the time I arrived the sky had darkened and the wind had wipped up. Undaunted I commenced a long anti-clockwise walk around the common and searched for any signs of life. Apart from a few Carrion Crows, the usual Tits and five Green Woodpeckers it was very, very quiet. A lone Siskin, constantly calling, flew overhead and half an hour later I located a flock of 20 plus feeding high in a wooded area.
The only photo opportunity was this female Mallard on one of the ponds.
  My extended route found me wading through deep water (without appropriate footwear) rather than retrace my steps to get back to the car!
A quick detour to Cutt Mill Ponds produced 6 male Goosanders flying away just as I approached but I finally added Mandarin Duck, hiding in the undergrowth on the far side, to the 2020 list. A stroll around the fishing lake added Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Duck plus another pair of Goosanders. Let's hope March brings some good birding weather.  FAB.


  1. Lovely Mallard shots Frank, good low angle. Love that last shot too.

    It would be nice to see some sun in March. Had enough of this winter now.

  2. I echo that hope Frank! Have just been up to Norfolk for a long weekend,still some good birds, but pretty wet and windy!

  3. Nice smiling mallard you found there! Hope you found dry footwear for the rest of your journey!

  4. Hi Frank,
    The mallard pictures are superb.... I love these low angles shots.... Let's hope spring reaches you soon... I think that over there we will have to wait longer!

  5. Great shots of the Mallard. Hope you didn't catch cold from wading in that water!

  6. Great reflection shots on the female mallard.

  7. Hi "Early Birders". Some sunshine today and hopefully more tomorrow when I head off to the coast and try to capture something different from just Mallards even though I think they are underrated.

    BTW Susan..I didn't bother to change but should have!!

    Richard. I kept one or two back just in case the weather goes pear shaped again!

  8. WONDERFUL PHOTO of the marshes.....and the little mallard lady is too sweet....she seems to smile....!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  9. Hi Elvira. I suspect she was happy to have some attention lavished on her! ciao FAB.


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