Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Watery Wednesday: Nature's Rhythm.

Feet sliding over rounded pebbles; buttocks planted uncomfortably on the shingle bank, with legs outstretched towards the incoming tide.
Eyes follow the gentle rhythm of the sea;
Watching the water ripple, the waves in their infancy;
Watching the water rise, and rise again, and again;
Watching the waves erupt as they reach the shore.

Nature's rhythm started long before I awoke;
Nature's rhythm continues even now;
Nature's rhythm will continue long after I sleep.
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  1. That was really beautifully written Frank.


  2. I enjoyed that Frank.
    Hope you didn't get too wet. :)

  3. Hi Lynne. Thank you very much.

    Hi Keith. Cheers. Not as wet as working outside today!

  4. That's very nice! So are the photos.

  5. ...I somehow missed this post. I love your poetry...creative with fabulous photos!'ve inspired me to think poetic, but I don't know if I can. I'll have to think about it...

  6. Montanagirl. Ta very much.

    Kelly. I've done it again & published 2 posts close together!
    I've never really written poems; it's think of the words to describing what you see, smell & hear (& cut out the rambling). I'm sure you have the talent...try it.

  7. A beautiful post! As you know I love the sea and you have given me some ideas about photographing it that I hadn't considered - thanks!

  8. Mick. I hope it provides some inspiration & look forward to seeing how you approach it.


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