Thursday, 28 May 2009

Walk before work at Epsom Stew Pond.

A stroll before starting work this morning at Epsom Stew Pond to see what was about. Around the car park was Magpie, Blackbird, very noisy Wren and this Mistle Thrush strutting around. At the pond the Canada Geese family is somewhat smaller with only 4 goslings being chaperoned by 4 seniors.
This adult kept a very quiet eye on me as I attempted to photograph one of its charges.
The goslings were constantly feeding and are growing day by day.
One of the female Mandarins was now shepherding four, out of an original clutch of seven, youngsters but as usual she herded them quickly under cover. I did relocate her on the nest but it was extremely well hidden so no picture again! A number of Swifts were dashing about above me and then a Common Tern (new tick for this patch) flew over from the Great Pond and I eventually got the following shots.

Other sightings included Grey Heron, Carrion Crow, Jay, Blue Tits, Robin and Chaffinch.


  1. A nice bunch of birds Frank! I like the Canada's taking their kids for a walk.

  2. Dont you just love spring and all the little ones? Nice picture.

  3. Wonderful series. But I especially like the little gosling.They are sooo cute.

  4. P.S. Thank you for your kind comment on my Yellow Warbler photo today. Mona

  5. A good way to start the day Frank

    Those little Wrens have such a powerful voice given their size. Always good to hear them in full belt.

  6. Nice common tern! I could do with one passing my way!

  7. Well done on the Common Tern, great CG photos and would like a Mistle Thrush here please!

  8. Great photos all - but I especially like the Common Tern - and in breeding plumage too! The ones we see out here are in non-breeding plumage most of the time.

  9. Hi "Earlybirders" - All your comments are much appreciated.

    Warren, with your tenacity, one has got to turn up sometime.

    Jan. Will chat to the MT & see if he wants to go on holiday!

    Mick. I won't admit to how many shots of the C.Tern were dumped. The auto focus was all over the place.

    Have a good birding weekend. FAB

  10. Lovely shots Frank. I really like your baby goose. To sweet..your sky shots are great too. I still haven't mastered getting a good shot of birds in the sky yet.

  11. Great Images Frank.Love the Common Terns,great flight shots.

  12. ...beautiful flight photos of the Common Tern--love his orange/red bill. And of course, the gosling is just so cute. Papa looks very protective.

  13. A mistle thrush...pretty neat bird and that tern in flight has to be quite a sight!
    Nice series of photos all on a walk before work!! Awesome!

  14. Starting a day the way you did is a great way:)Nice images and really liked the Commom Tern in flight.

  15. Crista. Goslings are a popular subject but birds in flight are certainly not easy. My current method is to take plenty of shots & hope!

    John. I never tire of watching Terns hunting over water.

    Kelly. I was quite surprised that the adult Geese were so placid.

    Tina & NatureStop. These little diversions at such a quiet time of the morning just set me up for the busy day ahead.

    Thanks for all your comments. FAB

  16. Nice photos, Frank. The Canada goose chicks are really cute...

  17. That Mistle Thrush is a neat-looking bird. And of course I love the Canada family. Are they nuisance birds over there like they are here (i.e. pooping all over the place and harassing humans for no apparent reason)? Even though they are a bit brusque, I still find them quite handsome.

  18. Hi Heather. CG's in numbers can be very messy but I've never encountered any real aggression.


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